Heguru Programme: Here's How You Can Unleash Your Child's Full Potential

Perhaps you stumbled across the Heguru programme on your search for a preschool. Or you’ve heard rave reviews about the enrichment programme from fellow parents. What exactly is the Heguru programme and how does it work? We attended a class at Heguru Singapore @ City Square Mall to explore the hype.Experts

6 Positive Self-Affirmations For Parents

Parenthood is not always a bed of roses. In reality, it requires a ton of perseverance, understanding, compassion, patience, and above all, self-love. As it is common to feel insecure and worried throughout the tough parenting process, we're here to provide some constructive pointers to get your confidence back on track! Repeat these

4 Simple Ways To Teach Children Money Saving Habits

Teaching a kid about saving at an early age can definitely prove to be a great thing for you. Your kids must understand if money is a weapon or a tool. The habits of your kids start developing at a very early age, say seven years. However, if you have

Kickstart Your Child's Academic Success At Mulberry Learning Centre

All parents want their little ones to gain the best possible head start in life and selecting the right preschool for them, can be a daunting challenge. By providing their children with the optimal early learning experiences and a nurturing environment that actively fosters their intellectual, emotional, physical and social

Parent's Guide To Play Therapy

Play therapy has been increasingly practiced around the world with the understanding of "play" as a child's primary medium of expression. This therapy revolves around the learning and understanding of the child's emotions, how they handle it, as well as enable adults to grasp a better sense of their emotions and recognise emoted

How To Create A Beautiful Baby Nursery On A Budget

Babies are adorable, aren’t they? They are cute too. However, there is one thing they aren’t – cheap. Over the years, everything around babies has become fancier, trendier and of course, expensive. Pinterest and Instagram only add to the pressure of creating and maintaining a perfect, fairy-tale world for your
SC Preschool Awards 2017

School's Out!

Your guide to the June holidays!

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