8 Shortcuts To Look Smoking Hot This Christmas

When kids arrive, fashion, figure, and good complexion goes out the window. Yes, but you don't have to look it all the time - especially at annual parties and family gatherings where you can finally let your hair down, catch up with cousins and friends, while others mind and entertain

Kids & Housework: Age-Appropriate Chores They Can Do

There's nothing child-abusive about getting kids to help around the house. In fact by doing so, you're imparting necessary basic life skills to them - such as independence, time management, a sense of responsibility, strong work ethic, and an appreciation for order and cleanliness. So even if you have a domestic helper, it's

WIN! Ballerina Movie Preview Tickets

Meet Félicie, a young orphan girl who loves dancing. So her best friend, Victor, helps her escape from their orphanage and travel to Paris, where she overcomes challenges and intriguing encounters to realise her lifelong dream. This heartwarming movie that's about friendship, family and believing in oneself, is bound to make you

3 Ways To Rise Above Peer Pressure

The school holidays may feel like a well-deserved time to hang out with their friends, but what happens when these buddies' influences take precedence over yours? Don't worry, it's not always a bad thing. We'll teach you three ways to help your kids manage their friends, and make better choices:Be slow
Food & Health

8 Ways To Sleep Better When You’re Pregnant

It’s common to hear mum-to-bes complain about poor sleep. Sleep is vital especially during pregnancy, and most doctors recommend that you should actually “sleep for two”. But if you’re facing the following issues, we just might have the solutions for you.RefluxBetween 30 and 50 per cent of pregnant women will
For The Kids

5 Dentist-Recommended Oral Habits For Kids

If you think it’s okay to overlook your kids’ oral hygiene since the milk teeth will fall out, think again. Starting your kids off with good dental care from a young age will go a long way. In fact, one of the biggest dental problems that kids have is Early

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