WIN! Hello Kitty Orchid Garden & Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium Mooncakes

Round up the young ‘uns, for Mid-Autumn festival is round the corner! For those looking for a mooncake fix, we’re kick starting the celebrations with a series of mooncake giveaways that’ll have you over the moon.This week, stand a chance to win mooncakes from Hello Kitty Orchid Garden and Holiday

[Singapore Night Festival 2018] Installations The Kids Will Love

Round up the kids ‘cause the ever-popular Singapore Night Festival has returned to light up the Bras Basah and Bugis precincts with all things artsy.Themed “Bring on the Night”, its 11th edition strives to spotlight creatives and collaborators of different disciplines, backgrounds and industry. Supported by over 60 partners, look

Best Ways To Comfort Your Child After A Nightmare

What should you do when the figments of your child’s (usually beautiful) imagination turns into nightmare fodder after dark? We share six best tips to help comfort your child and transform the boogieman fears into sweet Zzzs for the entire family.Provide comfort and reassurance. Disoriented and terrified from their nightmare,

10 Practical Ways To Save On Housekeeping Costs

If you feel like you never seem to set the right budget for your monthly housekeeping expenses and have to keep increasing it every month, maybe you are overspending. Even though individual housekeeping expenses don’t seem to burn a hole in your pocket, all of them put together can become

6 Parenting Habits To Develop Before Your Child Becomes A Teen

Adopting positive parenting habits will go a long way in nurturing a strong parent-child relationship, which is important especially as your child step towards adolescence.During this transitional stage, children undergo many physiological and psychological changes that help them grow into unique individuals. As parents, we are responsible for guiding them
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12 Signs Your Child Is Too Stressed Out

As full-fledged parents used to dealing with adult responsibilities, it may be hard to fathom how or why a child feels stressed. But childhood does present unique stressors that are often so subtle that adults overlook the warning signs.The truth is, children lack the maturity to recognise stressful feelings, and
SC Preschool Awards 2017

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Foodie's guide to local grub!

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