Delve Into Singapore's Rich History At The Singapore Heritage Festival 2017

Spanning three weekends from 28 April to 14 May 2017, get to learn about our island home's bountiful history and heritage and explore Singapore's lesser known stories in the 14th edition of the Singapore Heritage Festival (SHF). Featuring more than 110 programmes created in partnership with close to 80 community
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Make Vaccinations A Breeze With These 5 Tips

A trip to the doctor's for vaccinations is not only a nightmare for your baby or toddler, parents too can feel stressed when watching their little ones act up in the presence of a needle. Even with the '3 in 1' or '5 in 1' vaccination doses, your child would

Find Out How You Can Improve Your Child's Math

It is not uncommon to see your child struggling with Math in school. However as their first and best teacher, parents can support and help children in being more proficient in the subject. SC sums up some tips on how you can support your child in Math.Nurturing A Love For MathBeing

5 Common Baby Skin Problems & How To Fix Them

Human skin provides a waterproof barrier that regulates body temperature, protects us from the elements, and permits the sensation of touch, heat and cold. Newborn skin is delicate and susceptible to developing various rashes on different parts of the body. Most rashes on your bub are harmless and go away
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Help Your Child Take That All Important First Step

For any child, taking their first step is one of the most important things in their life - after all, it sets up the motor skills used for play and moving around later on in life. It is within the first three years of their life that they go from

WIN! $500 Worth Of Quayside Isle Vouchers

With an array of "Awesome April" activities taking place that promises a fun-filled time for you and the whole family, make Quayside Isle @ Sentosa Cove the place to be for gatherings over the weekends! Out of the current 13 dining options available in the area, we recommend popping over to

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School's Out, Time to Play

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