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SC Preschool Awards 2017: Best in Communicative Enrichment

Established in 1980, Lorna Whiston Schools has built a reputation for high-quality education and teaching excellence across Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong with their signature English Enrichment and Speech & Drama programmes, as well as their Preschools. As a young teacher, Lorna taught in the UK before coming to Malaysia and

How To Raise Kind Kids

Our homes are the first place where children learn about language and love. Many people don't realise that what we like and dislike are taught to us from a young age. It's important to establish a kind environment at home and use kind words when speaking to them from birth so

Establishing A Relationship With Your Rebellious Teen

No longer a child but not yet an adult, the teenage years are a time of transition that can be very challenging for some parents ­– your babies are no longer as little and they’re in a healthy pursuit of adulthood. Between discovering their independence, respecting the authority and house

The Search for Santa: Santa's Village is Back in Business

This year, count down to Christmas with Google! Ever wanted to find Santa in the North Pole? Now you can with a click of a button. Head down to Santa’s Village every day during the month of December to uncover new fun-tastic activities that are great for families. Join the residents

How To Prepare For Newborn Twins

Having twins is double the joy, but also double the cost now that you probably have to buy two of everything. But is it really true that everything has to be bought in twos or is there a way around it? Here is a list of what you should buy

Baby Hacks For New Parents

Are you a new parent? Things can get crazy around the household with the new addition to the family, so here are a few hassle-free hacks that might save you a lot of time and trouble around the house! 
SC Preschool Awards 2017
CEDU Discovery Camps

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