How To Deal With Frequent Urination During Pregnancy

Do you spend more time going to the toilet now that you’re pregnant? Frequent urination is one of the symptoms of pregnancy and some women may find it annoying. It is caused by the pregnancy hormone hCg (human chorionic gonadotropin), which causes increased blood flow in your body. Your kidney

Teach Your Child Phonics With These YouTube Videos

YouTube is a useful platform for learning especially for kids who learn way more easily with visual aids like videos. If your little one is at the stage where they are ready to learn the English language, there are a lot of videos on YouTube that can help them. It could

Find Out Why Some Kids Tend To Be Rude

Interrupting, talking back, fighting with other kids—these are just some of the behaviours a rude child exhibits, leaving most parents wondering why. Did they have shortcomings that led their child to be this way? Are there other influences they are not aware of? If you think your child is turning

Heartwarming Movies For Kids This 2020

Who’s in for some movie time? Spending time with your family doesn’t always have to be luxurious. Simply buy a movie ticket, treat them to some popcorn (or your healthy choice of snacks), and sit back and relax while watching fantastic movies with lessons your kids will surely remember. If
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Post-Drowning Complications In Children

Surviving a drowning doesn’t mean your child is back to normal. Post-drowning complications may arise and need to be treated as soon as possible. Learn how to treat these conditions and take the necessary steps to prevent them.Why surviving a drowning doesn’t mean you are “out of the water”Drowning is

6 Easy Ways To Save On Baby Expenses

A growing family means growing expenses too. With baby needs now adding to the equation—from clothes to diapers and milk among others—you’re probably thinking of ways to minimise costs so you can still save up for your family’s future.Watching out for store sales and promotions isn’t the only trick. Could

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