WIN! 11 Sets Of 3M Scotch Portable Food Scissors

As parents, we always worry about the possibility of our children choking on pieces of food during their meals. But with 3M Scotch's Portable Food Scissors, we can now turn possible choking hazards into safe consumption sizes for our kids! Some features include a safety cover that prevents contamination, a

Benefits Of Introducing Your Kids To Nursery Rhymes

"They are the first furnishings of the mind; the bottom-most layer of the comfortable hereditary clutter of mottoes, proverbs and half-remembered tales that we use to ornament conversations throughout our lives, knowing that they are common currency." - Iona Opie, speaking about nursery rhymes.We're pretty sure that you can still

Tips For A Safe Car Ride With Your Infant

The safety of your baby is probably the most important thing to take note of when travelling in a car with your little ones. After all, statistics from KK Women's and Children's Hospital (KKH) have shown that there are approximately 300 cases of children getting hurt in road traffic accidents

Tips To Instill The Concept Of Numbers In Your Toddlers

Numbers help us make sense of our world. Imagine having to live without numbers - we wouldn't be able to tell time or distance, wouldn't that be scary? As our kids are born with the innate ability to grasp the concept of numbers, all we need to do as parents
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Help! Are The Arches On My Baby's Foot Missing?

If you're worried that your child's foot is missing an arch, your concerns aren't unfounded. After all, flat feet can cause a fair bit of pain, especially during sports. While the arches develop naturally between the ages of three to eight, the type of shoes our kids wear also plays

10 Essential Carry-On Items For The Travelling Toddler

It's difficult deciding what to pack when you're bringing your tot out on excursions, especially so when you're going on a flight, what with being 40,000 feet in the air and all. We've compiled 10 items that will help you tackle any mid-flight incidents.#1 DiapersA baby staple, diapers are key

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School's Out, Time to Play

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