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The Beginner's Guide To Building A Smart Home

If you’re curious about the smart home hype, wondering what it can do for you, or thinking of building a more tech-savvy nest (but have no idea where to begin), then this guide is right up your alley.We walk you through the foundations of home automation to help you understand

8 Stylish Ways To Display Your Children's Art

Running out of refrigerator space to display your child’s creative projects? Here are a few ideas for you to convert these mini masterpieces into stylish displays around the home that can be easily swopped out every so often. #1 Clipboards and frames[caption id="attachment_18723" align="alignnone" width="800"] Photo credit: ZOÉ, PARIS 17TH 3/3[/caption]Make

28 April: Netflix And Woof Adoption Drive & Movie Screening

Grab your fur babies and your kids for a fun day out with Netflix and SOSD Singapore! Happening this Saturday (28 April), there’s an entire line-up of exciting activities such as pet caricature, photo booth opportunities, a screening of the Netflix Original Film, Benji, under the stars and more. Plus, get to

SC Speech & Drama Competition 2018

Speech and Drama is a highly effective way for young learners to develop self confidence, creative thinking, and improve their communication and interpersonal skills. If your little one has a flair for the dramatics and a huge appetite for imaginative play, channel their theatrical talents into the inaugural SC Speech &

Here Are 8 Celebrity Babies Born In April 2018!

Baby fever hits a new high as royals and celebrities alike welcome their bundles of joy! Here are eight little ones who’ve made their world debut in the glorious month of April.#1 Duchess Kate and Prince William The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their son have traveled home to Kensington

Best Sheet Masks For Busy Mums

Caring for your kid(s) might be a 24/7 responsibility, but that doesn’t mean you should skimp out on self-care. For busy mums with plenty on their plate, here are six sheet masks for that quick beauty boost! 

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