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5 Tips To Deal With Sleep Deprivation When Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding provides many benefits for both mother and baby. However, waking up to nurse the baby can affect the amount and quality of sleep received, which can affect your ability to provide the care your baby needs.Benefits of breastfeedingIf you can, it is best to exclusively breastfeed your newborn for

Why Being An Overprotective Parent May Do More Harm Than Good

We’ve seen it happen in movies and cringe at the thought of being a controlling parent. But could you be doing it yourself? Being protective of your child is great as you’re making sure they’re getting the attention and direction they need to flourish in life. As we know though,

Easy DIY Home Renovation Tips On A Budget

Your home isn’t just a place you come back to every day. It’s your refuge on bad work days and where you can be at peace with yourself, away from the maddening noise of the outside world. If you’ve been feeling that your house is in desperate need of a

This Is What Happens When You Delay Cord Clamping

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a baby’s cord should not be clamped earlier than one minute after birth unless the newborn or preterm baby requires positive-pressure ventilation. This only means that immediate cord clamping isn’t really necessary—despite it being a common practice for some mums.Here are five things

7 Tips To Nurture Your Child's Inner Artist

Being creative is a valuable skill no matter what age you’re in and what career you decide to forge in the future. And so it’s worth taking the time to nurture your child’s love for creative activities. It can turn into a hobby or even kick off a passion they
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8 Essential First Aid Skills For Parents

Dr Sangeetha Isaac, A&E resident physician at Gleneagles Hospital, advises parents on how to be ready when their child gets hurt.Do you remember the times when you injured yourself as a child? Your parents seemed to know just what to do—they either calmly dressed the wound or brought you to
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