WIN! Movie Preview Tickets for Meow

Starring Louis Koo, Ma Li, Liu Chu Tian and Andy Huang, Meow (喵星人) is a movie depicting a fictional ancient time when earth was inhabited by aliens called MEOW. They hail from a faraway planet and transformed themselves into cats, living in every corner of the world. With their adorable appearances and

7 Ways To Help Your Kids Concentrate

Are your kids often distracted from their work? Do you repeatedly tell them to study but they do not seem to gain much ground? Perhaps you need to nudge them in the right way, check out these tips by Dr. Robyn Silverman to help your kids concentrate better.Create a routine for themWhen children

Singapore's Child Father's Day Photo Contest 2017 Winners

We would like to thank all the entrants for sharing with us what it means to be a father to you in our Father's Day Photo Contest, and congratulations to these 3 winners!Winners Most Popular Photo EntryWinners will each receive a 2D1N staycation package from Oasia Hotel Novena or Park Hotel Alexandra (total worth over
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5 Healthy, Hassle-Free Snacks for the Family

Want to get your family on track to a healthier lifestyle? Instead of completely changing every meal or crash dieting, ease into it by removing processed snacks from the family diet and try these healthier options instead.Avocado ToastAvocados are really nutritious and can be addictive! Mash some avocados to top

5 Online Fashion Stores Mums Will Love

Whether you've got a bun in the oven or are simply having a wardrobe crisis after giving birth, we've got you (literally) covered with these online stores. Explore your style with their broad range of offerings and convenient shipping to Singapore (both international and local stores) - you just have
Food & Health

Why You Just Can't Lose The Baby Weight

Losing weight is definitely not easy, especially when you are totally new to it and have been blessed with great metabolism pre-pregnancy when pounds would easily slip off. The post-pregnancy period however, treats everyone differently. Whether it's a stark difference in hormonal balance, your organs adapting to the various changes

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