6 Adorable Home Decor Accessories For Your Kid's Room

We all want our bedrooms to be the most comfortable space in the room, after all it is the room we spend most of our time in. So it should come as no surprise that the kids' rooms should be decorated in utmost style and comfort too. But if you're

CrossFit For Kids? Yes, Absolutely!

Research has found that children who engage in sports exhibit superiority in self-esteem, peer relationships, self-control and more, as compared to those who do not play sports. So what are some ways parents can introduce exercise and sports in a fun and engaging way for their children? We spoke to

How Daydreaming Fosters Creativity

In Singapore's pragmatic society, creativity is often sidelined to give way to more 'tangible' and 'executable' tasks. However, studies such as Australia's Early Years Learning Framework have proven that creativity is linked to learning outcomes like a strong sense of identity, well-being, confidence and effective communication. Below, SC discusses why

WIN! 10 Pairs of LEGO Batman Movie In Season Pass

It's no secret that Batman loves working alone when he's battling the villains bent on destroying Gotham City, but even he has to admit that the lone vigilante act has gotten a bit lonely. When the city is faced with a hostile takeover by The Joker, our favourite caped crusader

Say It Out With MaxToon

Public speaking is a terrifying thing, but it has a multitude of advantages as we grow older. As such, In an effort to cultivate confident Mandarin speakers for students aged between seven to 12 years old, Maxtoon (满满通), has initiated a nationwide Mandarin public speaking programme titled "Say It Out" (我想听你说). The

WIN! The Golden Krabby Patty Spectacular Giveaway

Go on an epic marathon with SpongeBob SquarePants as he brings you three hours worth of all the wackiest Krabby Patty themed episodes, including the premiere of a brand new episode Factory Fresh, where our favourite SpongeBob joins Mr Krabs in his endeavour to roll out a new line of

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