6 New-Parent Mistakes to Avoid

Have a new baby in hand? Congratulations! Whether this is your first or third pregnancy, the newborn period can make all parents nervous. We’ve round up some of the most common mistakes and why you should avoid these! Let’s get started.Not choosing to get help. Yes, you are a superparent

Garden Troopers at Gardens by the Bay

MY OUTDOOR ADVENTURES! (Suitable for children 10 to 12 years old)Get out of the house and enjoy a fun-filled outdoor adventure with the whole family! Head over to Gardens by the Bay and discover the intricate link between plants and animals as you get up-close to nature and are absorbed in

7 Tips to Keep You Motivated to Exercise

“I’m so tired”. “I can’t get off the couch”. “I think I’m coming down with a fever”. “It’s too wet to jog outside”... do any of these excuses sound familiar? Making the call to ditch your workout seems far too easy when life and parenthood gets in the way. However,

7 Tips On Managing Your Helper

Helpers are an important part of most families today. Besides ensuring that the house is well taken care of, they also babysit and take care of your little ones while you go out to work. To ensure mutual respect and worry-free childcare, it is essential to build a positive and

The Nation's Little Gem Winners

Congratulations to the winners of The Nation's Little Gem photo contest! We'd like to thank all parents and children for their enthusiastic responses.Top 3 Winners "So excited to celebrate the National Day for the 1st time! Happy Birthday Singapore!" - Arhaan"Happy birthday, Singapore! It's my first National Day and I'm thrilled


BEAT BUGS is an animated series inspired by the music of the Beatles! The series revolves around the charming, funny and adventurous bug pals – Jay, Kumi,Crick, Buzz and Walter. Watch BEAT BUGS with your whole family and be swamped with the nostalgia of Beatlemania, while your kids enjoy the adventures

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