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10 Father-Daughter Date Ideas

Want to spend more time bonding with your daughter? Here are a few date ideas you can try this weekend!

  1. Have a picnic
    Take a slightly longer drive out to the East Coast Park or Botanic Gardens for a special day with your daughter, girls like the outdoors more than you think! You can also take a bike ride or play the frisbee when you’re done with the food.
  2. Museum visit
    Museums often have exhibitions that are fun and interactive for daughters, and usually offer free entry! Check out what exhibitions are ongoing at the national museums, explore something new at the art museums or take her down memory lane at the MINT Museum of Toys!
  3. Ice-cream date
    Can they ever say no? Sometimes, girls are shy and sensitive to share about how they are feeling lately, but there’s no stopping what they can talk about once they have ice cream (or froyo) down their tummies!
  4. Go on a hike
    Not every girl likes to stay at home and play with their dollhouses, most girls like to get active once in a while too! The perfect dad and daughter bonding activity, talk about everything under the sun while actively challenging yourselves!
  5. Jump around at a trampoline park
    Jumping around just gets the adrenaline pumping, your little girl will appreciate you taking her out to try something fun and different! Check out more indoor play options here.
  6. Go to a concert
    Have fun and bop your heads to some good music together! What better way is there to build a stronger bond than by sharing an awesome concert experience!
  7. Have breakfast together
    With everyone so busy all the time, sometimes it’s even hard to see each other at breakfast. Go out on a Sunday for a hearty meal and share some laughs together.
  8. Build something
    Spending some time together to fix up that new Ikea cupboard can be both therapeutic and slightly challenging for daughters. It’s a great way to impart those handy life skills to them!
  9. Movie date
    It’s always nice to be taken out to a movie, especially if dads remember what kind of movies their daughters like best. Order some popcorn and have a relaxed day together!
  10. Cook together
    Although it may be quite the task preparing dinner without your wife, try your hand at cooking with your daughter and see how it will put a smile on your wife’s face no matter the outcome. Plus, it’s always fun to get messy in the kitchen!

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