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10 Life Hacks To Reduce The Impact On Your Electricity Bill

Modern society has made electricity an inevitable part of our daily lives—a valued commodity where we sometimes forget just how convenient and accessible it is to us. We usually only realise the damage we’ve done to our wallets when the bill lands into our laps.

If you’d like to save your wallets, here are 10 life hacks that are so simple you don’t need major lifestyle changes to accomplish.

1. Use a fan instead of the air conditioner

You’ve probably only heard this about a million times before, but we can vouch that it’s definitely true. Both options keep you cool, but the amount of energy a fan uses is much lesser than an air conditioner. In fact, you can save more than $55 (Source: National Environment Agency) a month on your electricity bill!

2. Use a thinner blanket at night

At times, you may be stuck in a situation where using a fan still seems too stuffy and hot for you, and you feel compelled to switch on the air conditioner. But have you ever considered that the problem may lie with your blanket? Why use a thick duvet and then crank the air conditioning all the way up? Try switching to a thinner summer blanket. You will feel the difference in temperature—and on your bill—instantly.

3. Keep your air conditioner set at a comfortable 25°C

If switching to a thinner blanket still doesn’t work for you, switching on the air conditioner will be the inevitable choice. A tip would be to set your temperature at a comfortable level of 25°C. This temperature keeps you cool enough and uses less energy than if you tried to make the room even colder.

4. Shower with cold water

In warm and sunny Singapore, it is seldom necessary to bathe in warm water. Switch to showering with cold water for a change, to relieve yourself from all that heat. Moreover, showering in cold water has many health benefits too—it increases alertness, refines hair and skin, improves immunity and circulation. 

5. Sun-dry your clothes instead of using a clothes dryer

One of the best things about Singapore is that it is summer pretty much all year round! Plenty of sunshine and heat makes it unnecessary to use a dryer for your laundry for most of the year. Grab those bamboo poles, your freshly laundered clothes, and start sunning them! Not only will you shed some weight off your bill, but those pesky calories off your body as well!

6. Switch to energy-saving lightbulbs

Do you know that choosing the correct light bulbs for your home helps save on your electricity bills? Popular choices like light-emitting diodes (LEDs) actually produce the same amount of light while using less energy, as compared to traditional incandescent light bulbs where most of the energy is just given off as heat.

7. Unplug your devices

Turning off your devices doesn’t mean that energy is no longer consumed; most devices stay in a standby mode, which still draws power. The better way of conserving energy is to unplug or switch off all the power sockets to completely stop energy bleeding. To save the hassle of unplugging devices one at a time, consider purchasing “smart” power strips. These power strips allow you to switch off all connected devices at once and even come with one to two power outlets that are “always on,” to keep important appliances like the house phone and the doorbell functioning.

8. Use cold machine wash

Washing machines can be configured to use cold water instead of hot water. This saves the energy taken to heat up the water for washing. Unless you are removing heavy stains like oil or grease, modern detergents and cold water get your clothes clean just as well and it saves you money.

9. Air-dry or towel-dry instead of blow-dry

Everyone knows the heat from a hair dryer can cause damage to your hair. It can impact your power bill too. Consider air- or towel-drying after a shower instead. While it can take longer to get your hair dry, your hair and your wallet will thank you for it. Here’s an additional tip: if you need to style your hair, comb and section it to your desired style while it’s still wet and it will set when it’s air-dried!

10. Switch to an electricity retailer

Making lifestyle changes are a hassle. With the Open Electricity Market (OEM) launching really soon, you can head to Electrify.sg, a marketplace for retail electricity, to find out which new retailer’s plans suit you best and help you save more. With Electrify.sg, you can compare, switch and save, without any disruption to your electricity supply.

This article was originally published on bankbazaar.sg and re-published with permission.

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