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Moms and sons usually tend to have a very active relationship, especially since boys can get really rowdy and it’s tough for a mom to handle more than one son at a time. Amidst the chaos, perhaps you can find some time to try out these bonding activities!

  1. Go for a bike ride
    Whip out your bicycles and head for a spin around the neighbourhood. You can get some exercise in before cycling to the nearby coffeeshop for a hearty meal together.
  2. Create a scavenger hunt
    Get a little creative together and hide 10 items each around the house. See who can find the other’s 10 items first and enjoy a little reward!
  3. Have a game of mini-golf
    Miniature golf is the perfect activity to expend the boys’ energy, because it’s not too tiring for moms!
  4. Have a date at the library
    If your kiddo loves reading and simply can’t get enough of learning new things, spend a day out together at the library to rejuvenate your minds.
  5. Go out for dinner
    Take a break from the kitchen and enjoy a fun meal together. Perhaps some spaghetti and pizza?
  6. Work on a puzzle
    Stimulate both your minds by taking on a challenging puzzle together!
  7. Explore a new area
    Try going out to a park further away from your house together and soak in the sights and sounds! You can also buy a kite and fly it together.
  8. Watch a game
    If there are no sports events going on locally, perhaps set a date in front of the television. Simply chilling out together with some popcorn can be really enjoyable too.
  9. Make craft pieces
    Boys can be really detailed and get crafty too! Try these crafts out together and show them how efficient recycling can be!
  10. Go to an amusement park
    Whether its Universal Studios or Wild Wild Wet, the boys will definitely enjoy a fun-filled day out with mom!

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