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Everything’s not awesome, according to The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part. Yet the movie was—awesome, that is, and provided loads of fun to both adults and kids.

Have you seen the movie already? Sit down with your little ones and talk about what they’ve learned from it. Here are some points that you can drive home.

#1 The importance of sharing

In this instalment of The LEGO Movie, the human sister was introduced early on with her Duplo bricks, seemingly invading Bricksburg (which was eventually turned into Apocalypseburg). From here we know that all the sister wanted to do was to play with his teenage brother’s LEGO sets and it took Armomageddon—when the mum forced them to put all their Legos in the storage bin (Bin of Storage)—for the older brother to realise this.

Playing with their toys together created a new, more fun world for the LEGO characters and most importantly, strengthened the bond between the siblings. Been having trouble with your kids not getting along? This movie might be an eye-opener!

#2 Always be creative

Although LEGO sets usually come with manuals to already help you place every piece, LEGO gives a lot of room for creativity and the movie makes sure of this. Just take a look at shape-shifting Queen Watevra Wa’Nabi (Whatever I Wanna Be), perhaps one of the most amusing characters from the Systar System who looked like a villain at first but actually just wanted to unite both worlds.

Children may also be inspired at how quick the LEGO heroes think in devising tools, cars, equipment, and many other items throughout the movie. It just shows the myriad of possibilities one can make with LEGO bricks and widens children’s imagination. Growing up with this kind of thinking can help them come up with creative yet effective solutions to life’s challenges.

#3 Communicate clearly

One thing we can learn from Queen Watevra Wa’Nabi is the value of communicating clearly: sending mixed signals and using aggression confused the Bricksburg citizens that Syster System wanted to destroy them.

The sister then could have been sending the same mixed signal to his brother by capturing some of his toys. It is crucial that children learn how to express themselves properly early on. Likewise, listening is just as important and helps them become more considerate of other people.

#4 Optimism goes a long way

Emmet, even in the midst of his hometown’s ruin, remained positive and made the most out of every situation. Some characters urged him to make a dark turn or “grow up,” and yet for the most part he remained true to himself. General Mayhem spared him from the kidnapping because she saw him as weak, but being cheerful as he is doesn’t mean weakness in character.

As kids grow up, they will learn that change is inevitable, and having a positive mindset can help them adapt more quickly to such situations.

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