4 Tips For A Smooth Flight With Your Baby
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4 Tips For A Smooth Flight With Your Baby

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The cries of a distressed baby and the judgmental stares from adjacent passengers usually make an ominous start for a relaxing vacation. Snacks and a comfort blanket are good for plane rides, but there is definitely a lot more that goes into preparing for air travel with an infant. Here are some guidelines we recommend to make your journey as smooth-sailing as possible.

Pack Early

Singpaores Child Pre Flight Prep pack early
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You probably pride yourself on the ability to pack for a 2-week holiday in one night, but that’s not recommended for a trip with an infant because you won’t want to deal with too many bulky bags that you can’t handle or run out of diapers halfway through the commute. You’ll also need to pack more clothes for yourself in case of the mess from their diapers or motion sickness.

Stick To Your Baby’s Nightly Routines

Goodnight Routine Singpaores Child Pre Flight Prep
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A flight planned around their nap time or flying through the night doesn’t always guarantee a peaceful commute as the unfamiliar sounds and other environmental factors can be too overwhelming for an infant to sleep through. To help stimulate bed time, stick to your rituals. Leave early and take a slow drive to the airport, dress your baby in pyjamas, brush their teeth and read them their bed time story.    

Dress Strategically

Dress Strategically Singpaores Child Pre Flight Prep
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The long queues and series of checks or scans can make the boarding process equally stressful as the actual ride. Pick out simple clothes to avoid the hassle of taking them off at security checks. Use a thick jumper instead of a coat and pick shoes that cut off at the ankle.

Tag Team Boarding

Tag Team Bonding Singpaores Child Pre Flight Prep
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Make full use of your manpower. Send your partner ahead to set up camp and get everything in order before your little prince or princess arrives, including reserving cabin space for your bags. Boarding your baby last can help avoid the anxiety provoked by a new space and unfamiliar faces that walk past your aisle.

Do you have any tips on travelling with an infant? Share with us in the comments below!

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