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5 Adorable Craft Ideas For The Kids

Photo credit: iheartcraftythings.com

Feeling like it’s time to let those creative juices flow? Here are 5 craft picks using unconventional materials that will definitely present a challenge!

Unicorn Puppet

You’ll need a hole punch, some yarn, markers, glue and paper/cards. Cut out the parts you need for a unicorn – body, neck, head, ears and horn. Punch 4 large holes at the bottom of the body and glue the body parts on as well as the googly eye and yarn for it’s mane and tail. Finally, draw on a nostril and a mouth with markers. Use your fingers to gallop your new unicorn puppet away!

Claypot Lighthouse

Photo credit: ehow.com

Photo credit: ehow.com

For an intricate DIY piece like this, you’ll need quite a few items, including:
4 clay pots (1 large, 1 medium, 1 small, 1 extra small)
2 clay saucers, small
Outdoor acrylic paint in your choice of colours
Permanent adhesive
Glass votive holder
Flameless battery-operated tea light
Paint brushes

Clean the pots and paint the design on with multiple layers till you achieve your desired intensity. Let dry and glue the pots and saucers as show in the picture. Using the smallest claypot as a cover, place it over the glass votive holder with the tea light inside to complete your masterpiece! For a video tutorial, click here.

Foam Ball Octopuses

Photo credit: craftymorning.com

Photo credit: craftymorning.com

Paint some foam balls purple, and use purple paper as their tentacle base. Make sure to use child-safe scissors, otherwise, make sure there is an adult around to assist. After cutting out the tentacle shape on the paper, glue the foam ball onto the paper and decorate with sequins and googly eyes!

Egg Carton Flowers

Photo credit: coupons.com

Photo credit: coupons.com

Gather a bunch of empty egg cartons and reuse them! Remember to separate the egg carton into its individual compartments and cut out a notch on each side to act as petals. Paint a canvas/card and then paint each individual egg carton compartment, and glue them onto the canvas/card. Then, take some green pipe cleaners, or anything that can double up as stems, tie them together with a ribbon and glue them below the egg cartons onto the canvas. You can paint in a contrasting colour for the pollen in the flowers or stick on a cute button instead!

Paper Plate Butterflies

Photo credit: eighteen25.com

Photo credit: eighteen25.com

Cut your paper plates into two halves down the middle, fold them into quarters again and cut a round shape on the flat side. Time to paint! Go crazy with the colours on your butterfly. Next, you’ll need a short craft stick as a base for the body. Glue on the pipe cleaners as antennas, and use pompoms for the body. Finish off with googly eyes for your butterfly. After the paint has dried, glue the body onto the plates!

Have fun and stay safe!

5 Easy DIY Craft Ideas For Kids To Try Out

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