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Image credit: Z L Construction

They might be our favourite furry companions, but on occasion pets can be a handful to have around in a domestic setting.

From chewed up curtains to broken ornaments, these seemingly minor household issues can build up into an unmanageable mess when they are improperly guarded against. With that in mind, here are some practical interior design tips that will not only eliminate the hassle of cleaning up, but also create a more conducive living environment for you and your fluffy friends.

1. Acquire the right fabrics


Image credit: A.W.A Design Office

Silk bedding might be comforting to the touch just like a soft coat of fur, but these fragile fabrics certainly do not stand up well to the playfulness of a frisky pet. Instead, opt for tougher or engineered alternatives, such as polyester and microfiber, which are resistant to scratches and bites from your animal companions.

2. Set up pet-friendly areas

Image credit: LLARK Architects

Image credit: LLARK Architects

As with hosting a valued family friend, it is important to make your pets feel at home by providing them with a comfortable personal space. Set up a simple nook with the right creature comforts, such as a soft bed and a water dish; or go one step further and include custom-fittings like this indoors kennel with air holes and a flip top for easy cleaning.

3. Outfit your home with hardy flooring

Image credit: Z L Construction

Image credit: Z L Construction

If your pet is free to roam about at home, having stain- and impact-resistant flooring matters as well.  Active animals can leave unwanted scratches whilst scampering around, or cause an accidental mess if they are not toilet-trained. Viable options include High End Vinyl Flooring (HEVF) or floor laminates as they are relatively affordable and easy to maintain.

4. Have sufficient storage for pet items

Image credit: Free Space Intent

Image credit: Free Space Intent

Pets have belongings just like humans do. And just like our personal items, it is best to keep things organised for easy accessibility. Take a page from this dedicated pet room that comes with wall-mounted shelves, which double as climbing platforms, as well as a conventional sideboard for storing toys, brushes and other essential supplies belonging to its feline occupants.

5. Put away any fragile or dangerous items

Image credit: Z L Construction

Image credit: Z L Construction

Apart from ensuring a neater home, secure storage options are also must-haves as they prevent itchy paws from reaching fragile and dangerous articles. Prefer open shelving for your precious ornaments? Substitute them with glass cabinets that keep things on display, while ensuring that both your pets and items stay safe.

Are you a pet owner? Tell us what you do to keep your home animal-friendly in the comments section below! 

This article is written by Stanley Lim and originally published on SquareRooms.

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