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Colic is one of those things every parent hopes they can avoid. But what is colic? Colic is when a baby starts crying for no apparent reason for about three hours at a time. There is no real medical reason, or treatment, for colic. It usually starts when the baby is between two and six weeks old, and lasts until about three months old. It can be hard on the whole family. Nursed babies tend to be less colicky, but there are still a few that may develop colic. Some people think the baby is hungry or in pain, but the truth is no one really knows why it happens.

Here are five top tips on how to deal with a colicky baby. 

  1. Swinging – Infants love rocking, but crying babies need fast, tiny, jiggly movements back and forth like a shiver when they’re really upset. Swings, slings and rocking chairs help to keep them calm once they settle. Always support your baby’s head and never jiggle her when you’re angry.
  2. Feed In Smaller Portions – According to the Health Promotion Board, feeding your baby with frequent small feeds and burping him right after can help to soothe the baby. 
  3. Use a Pacifier  Sucking is a soothing activity for babies, so make pacifier your best friend! The sucking action will help to calm your baby down.
  4. Try Anti-Colic Bottles – If your baby is bottle-fed or combination (both breast and bottle) fed, it might be worth trying anti-colic bottles. These specially-designed bottles have internal vent which is supposed to eliminate the vacuum and air bubbles in a milk feed, thus helping to reduce burping, wind and digestive discomfort.
  5. Baby Massage  If your baby is really unsettled, try giving him or her a gentle tummy massage, moving your hands in a clockwise direction (following the direction of your baby’s intestines) which encourages the trapped wind to move the right way.

Alternatively, one of the other best ways of soothing digestive discomfort is to have a warm bath – and that holds true for babies too, so give your baby a nice soak when they get way too fussy. What are some of your other tips for dealing with a colicky baby? Leave us a comment down below.