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6 Top Tips For Cooking With Kids

Turning the kitchen into a classroom and a playground allows you to feed your child’s curiosity in valuable ways. Here’s how.

With the hectic pace of society, many families find it difficult to devote ample time to their children. Mothers can be occupied in the kitchen for a huge chunk of the day, and often neglect the fact that it is actually the ideal place to bond and build fond memories with their kids. To
hose young inquisitive minds, the kitchen acts as a fascinating classroom that instils important practical skills and a playground that provides endless possibilities.

So the next time you’re busy preparing meals for the hungry little tummies, rope them into the experience and they will be whipping up a delicious dinner with you in no time. Here are our top tips!

  • TIP #1
    Establish some basic kitchen rules before embarking on the cooking session. Teach them how to handle the tools that you will be using (ensure that there are no sharp edges!). Knowledge about cleanliness is important as well, so you should always remind them to wash their hands before handling food.
  • TIP #2
    Never leave your child unattended in the kitchen. There are many potential dangers in the cooking environment that may go unnoticed until an accident occurs. Keep sharp utensils, hot stoves and other hazardous appliances out of their reach, and prepare some blunt knives as well. You wouldn’t want them to be wielding choppers around!
  • TIP #3
    Start with kid-friendly recipes that are straightforward and require minimal steps. It’s easy to get the little ones intrigued with simple tasks like kneading dough or cutting out shapes with cookie cutters. Cracking eggs, washing vegetables and mixing flour are a huge hit among them as well.
  • TIP #4
    Make it light-hearted and fun. Do not lash out at them for causing spillages and cooking disasters; your children are not culinary experts. Instead, offer some guidance and repeat the directions again. They will slowly get the hang of it and even show you their masterpiece with a big bright smile!
  • TIP #5
    Kids adore praises. Regardless of how menial the task is, do compliment your assistant on a job well done. This not only boosts their self-confidence; it also encourages them to be involved in future meal preparations. So all that’s left now is to tuck in!
  • TIP #6
    Here comes the much-dreaded part of tidying up the kitchen. Don’t just suffer in silence, ask the kids to pitch in as well. A possible method to lure them into the cleanup is to give them cute kitchen gloves and colourful cleaning products. It’s also a good workout for them after satisfying their tummies.

Looking for some easy recipe ideas that you can try with the kids? Here are a few!

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What are some recipes you’ve tried cooking with your child? Share with us below!