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7 Baby Wipes We Like

Baby wipes are one of those products that you absolutely must have, both at home and while on the move. There are many brands out there offering wipes with different ingredients and textures. Here are seven wipes that we really like. 

K-Mom Natural Pureness Premium Baby Wet Wipes Embo


What we like: The people over at K-Mom have done a great job on the packaging. It gives off a pure and comforting vibe, almost an extension of the wipes themselves, with its Embo-cross texture. But more importantly, we love that the wipes are free from 12 harmful compounds, including paraben, benzyl alcohol, formaldehyde and fluorescent whitening agent, making it suitable for sensitive skin. It also contains peppermint, calendula, chamomile and aloe vera extract. 

What we wished it had: A better smell. The slightly clinical smell at first whiff might put you off, but you’ll like it if you associate this type of smell to cleanliness.

NUK Baby Wipes


What we like: It’s thick and comes in a bigger size so your hands would be very well protected from poop. Nobody likes it when poop gets transferred to your hand so this comes in the perfect size and texture to ensure that doesn’t happen. If you’re worried that it might be a little rough on the skin since it’s a pretty strong wipe, don’t worry, it’s still soft to the touch and would be gentle on baby’s skin. It is also fragrance-free! 

What we wished it had: More skin-friendly ingredients. But if your baby’s skin isn’t sensitive and you’re not bothered by ingredients, then you’d be pleased by everything else it has to offer. 

BeBeSup Wipes (Zero)


What we like: It’s so soft! Texture-wise, the wipes are very gentle on baby’s skin. Furthermore, BeBeSup wipes (which also includes Sensitive and Sheer Gold) are full of great ingredients like blueberry extract (with anti-inflammatory properties), grape extract (for skin stabilising and elasticity functions) and black bean extract (to help with regeneration, anti-inflammation and skin nutrition).

What we wished it had: A thicker texture. The wipes are a little thin, increasing chances of your hands getting dirty. 

Kodomo Moisturising Baby Wipes


What we like: No fragrance, no paraben, no alcohol, no soap – yay! It also contains aloe vera and chamomile extracts to moisturise skin. Overall, the ingredients ensure that your baby’s skin stays supple and soft. It is also thick, so you won’t dirty your hands. The wipes also comes out attached together when you pull them out of the packaging so that a few comes out at once. Some mums like this, but we know that some don’t. 

What we wished it had: A softer texture. It feels a little rough to the touch. 

Tollyjoy Fresh and Clean Baby Wipes


What we like: It does not contain alcohol, paraben and fragrance, and has vitamin E and aloe vera extracts. So ingredients-wise, it is pretty mild and gentle for you child The wipes also come out attached to each other so it’s good for when you have to work with a single hand while changing baby. 

What we wished it had: We don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing, but you might find the wipes too wet. Which can only be an issue if you and baby are in a cold environment. Might be a little unpleasant to the little one to have a wet and cold wipe on their bum. 

Pigeon Baby Wipes (99% Pure Water)


What we like: Other than the fact that it’s free of paraben, fragrance and alcohol, it is made from 99% purified water and is also soft on baby’s skin. Pigeon also tests their products to ensure that your baby will be protected from common microbes that could lead to issues like nappy rash. 

What we wished it had: Some mums have commented that this product is a little too pricey for regular use.

Johnson’s Baby Gentle Cleansing Wipes 


What we like: Johnson’s Baby trademark No More Tears formula has been used in their wipes too, which makes it versatile. The wipes can be used all over the body, and will not sting your child’s eyes when used around the eyes. It is mild, with no alcohol and soap.

What we wished it had: This does contain fragrance, so if baby products that contain a perfumy smell is of concern to you, then this might not be the product for you.

Seal on the baby wipes packaging no longer sticks?

We know how this can be an issue with some packagings with prolonged use. If not sealed properly wipes can dry up quickly. Luckily for us, there are covers, sold separately, that can be attached to the packaging for when that happens. 

The Bitatto cover ($4.50, BigLittleMe) can be used repeatedly. If the adhesive on the covers become weak, simply wash with water and air dry. 

bitatto-coverWhich baby wipes would you recommend to other mums? Share them with us in the comments section below!