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Tired of seeing your kid’s toys scattered all over the floor? Kids can have a tendency to just toss or leave their toys around whenever they’re done playing and this is a challenge for parents who just want to maintain a clean and organised home as much as they can.

Calling your child’s attention repeatedly may not do the trick all the time. Try being creative in organising their toys and your kid may just follow suit in storing their things. Here are some ways to achieve this: 

#1 Organise bins in a shelf 

Store and categorise toys by using separate bins, all placed in a shelf. Label them so your kid knows where to place specific toys. This storage idea will keep your place easily organised. If you want to make it a bit fun, use bins of different colours. You can even take out some toys and place them on top of the shelf as additional decor. 

#2 Hang toys on a coat rack

Have an extra coat rack to spare? Use it to hang toys or costumes and turn it into one of your house’s most creative displays. This is especially useful if you don’t have space in your bins anymore.

#3 Store them in a hammock

If you have an extra space for a hammock you no longer use, turn it into a storage area for stuffed toys. This makes it more enjoyable for your child to take their toys back because it’s as if they’re only going to let them sleep there.  

#4 Recycle flower planters

By simply repainting old flower planters and hanging them on the wall, you’re already able to to create a storage area of dolls, books, and stuffed toys. You can even make an activity out of the painting session for an extra bonding moment with your little one.

#5 Grab some mason or candy jars

For smaller items and craft materials, jars make for a resourceful and easy way to store toys. Be a bit more creative by putting a miniature toy on top of it. Just make sure your child can handle the jars with care. 

#6 Turn an old crate box to a toy box 

Repurpose a crate box you don’t use anymore. Paint it anew and add wheels so your child can easily move it as they pick up the toys lying around. If you have several boxes, you can also stack them up to save on space. 

#7 Utilise the space under their bunk beds

If your child has a bunk bed, maximise the space under it turning it into a toy storage. You can play around with the arrangement depending on how big the space is. With the toys hidden under, the room will also look more spacious.

Once in a while, you can check which toys are not being used by your child anymore so you can donate, sell, or dispose of them. There’s no need to have plenty of toys always as well. Check out the benefits of having less toys here.

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