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7 Safety Rules Every Kid Needs to Know

Every parent will protect their child with no reservations and only want the best for their child. However, there will still come a time when they grow up and are out of our sight, this is why teaching them about safety outside of the house is important.

  1. Warn them about different types of strangers
    Show them clear examples and explain to them that some strangers like those who tempt children with treats and rewards, lure them to their cars with empty promises or who touch your child’s body when you disapprove it are bad people. Another red light is when an adult asks a kid for help – this is a sure sign of danger.
    However, there are also strangers like neighbours and parents of other students in school who your child can talk to, you don’t want them to think all strangers are bad people.
  2. Teach them who to look for if they need help
    Teach them to look for other helpful people when they cannot find you or become lost – tell them how to recognise the nearest information counter or help center, a teacher, police officer, or a mom or dad with a stroller or diaper bag. Remind them never to go to someone in a car or get into anyone’s car.
  3. Make sure that they know your full names
    Every child should know their parent’s full names, in the event of any emergency. This will help any situation that they might get caught in.
  4. Teach them how to be safe on the street and around cars
    Tell them to look both ways before crossing the street, walk on concrete pathways and not on the road, hold hands with a guardian or adult who is present and not run ahead. Make sure that they know how to look out for cars that are driving towards or approaching them, reversing out of anywhere and if there are other people around. It’s also good to teach them how to remove their seat belts in case they are ever stuck inside a car. They can also honk the car horn if they need to get people’s attention.
  5. Tell them how to find you in a store
    If you ever get separated from your child in a store, things can get quite hectic if it’s large and crowded. Tell them to stand somewhere higher (but safe) and yell your first name. Yelling your first name makes it easier for you to hear it if other kids are also calling out for their mum.
  6. Tell them that they have control over their own bodies
    It’s important to teach children clearly about all of their body parts, so that they can tell you clearly if they feel uncomfortable about anyone who crossed their boundaries. Remind them that they have total control over their bodies, and that any kind of intimacy or skin ship is up to them, even hugs and kisses with close relatives and friends. This lets them learn more about their own bodies and they can discover what they are comfortable or uncomfortable with.
  7. Educate them about relationships
    Talk to your child and show them examples of what abusive relationships look like in comparison to loving relationships. Let them know the what the various kinds of behaviour in a bad relationship look like – hitting, punching, kicking, throwing someone, slapping, calling someone names, threatening and more. This way, they will know how to stay away from someone who is mistreating them.

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