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8 Tips For Parents To Encourage Outdoor Play

For children, play is everything – it’s how they develop and learn about the world. Playing is a child’s fulltime job and it is learning for life. It’s not just about fun and games, but it’s also how children learn, develop and become who they are. So here’s how to encourage them to explore the great outdoors!

  1. Give children a place on the balcony or in the bedroom where they can display nature treasures that they find and want to keep.
  2. Provide simple tools to aid discovery. Kids love tools! Include a bug box, trowel, and magnifier. When you take children to parks, allow them to explore. Let them decide which trails to take. Stay nearby for safety, but don’t interfere or help, unless asked.
  3. Encourage plenty of time outside. Consider taking a walk to the library, store or post office instead of driving.
  4. Singapore lacks natural resources, so take advantage of the outdoor activities available. Take children canoeing, kayaking or fishing.
  5. Make up challenges for children to do outside, similar to the “Survivor” television show. This is a guaranteed kid pleaser, especially if there is a reward (a gift of time with Mum or Dad, or perhaps a night off from helping with the dishes).
  6. Take a few leaves from the different trees while the children are not looking. Give them the leaves and ask them to find which trees they come from.
  7. Put out bird feeders that can be seen easily from windows. Let children help feed the birds. Keep a bird book by the window to help them identify what they see.
  8. If you have an appropriate area, let the older children pitch a tent in the patio. Set safety rules, and then stay away while they discuss hot topics with their friends. Check for safety by looking out the window or wandering out to ask if they need more snacks.

How do you encourage your children to have fun outdoors? Share your comments below.