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Baby Hacks For New Parents

Are you a new parent? Things can get crazy around the household with the new addition to the family, so here are a few hassle-free hacks that might save you a lot of time and trouble around the house! 

Roll up your baby’s clothes 

This works for storing your baby’s clothes in the wardrobe or carrying them around in your diaper bag. Simply lay them out flat, fold them to the desired width and roll away!

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Attach a hook to your baby’s chair 

Always find yourself scrambling for bibs during mealtime? Just attach a hook on the back and store your bibs there!

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When travelling, pack your baby’s necessities in a ziplock bag by day

This saves all of your time finding and choosing the clothes for the baby each day. Without baby clothes being mixed up with yours, you’ll be able to see where everything is at with just one glance.

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Cut your baby’s nails after they have fallen sleep

Try doing it 20 minutes after so that you don’t wake them up, it’ll also be much more calming for you as compared to when they are awake.

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Store your baby bottle parts in clear drawers

Have the parts handily organised and keep them close to your sanitiser and sink. Store them neatly once you dry them so you don’t fumble or misplace them.

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Put some acrylic paint on a paper inside a ziplock bag for a fun distraction 

A fun and mess-free tummy time activity for babies, let them have a chance to let their creative juices flow!

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