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Yes, you’ve read it right. We’re talking about infants and toddlers. Now you may think, “I started going to school when I was a big child and I turned out alright.” That’s actually fine.

But research has shown that the first few years of life are crucial for brain development; hence, this is the perfect time to immerse your little one in activities that will prime the brain for better learning. Call it laying the foundation for your baby’s future success. This is what Heguru does and here are some reasons why you should consider signing up:


It activates your child’s potential

At the infancy stage, the right hemisphere—the creative side of the brain—is developed first. The different sensory experiences of a baby are easily stored in the brain and impacts how a child processes information as he or she grows.

Heguru doesn’t teach concepts but nurtures a child’s ability to learn. With this, understanding of the lessons is not a primary goal. Instead, what matters more is the inputting of information through a series of fast-paced and fun activities to stimulate their learning capability. Heguru’s teachers have been certified by the Henmi Educational General Laboratory (HEGL) in Japan, under the guidance of HEGL founders Ruiko and Hirotada Henmi.

Right brain training helps improve functions such as photographic memory, concept comprehension, mental concentration, rhythm processing, spatial recognition, and visual imagination. It also enlarges the brain capacity, enabling faster learning, and placing children in this programme ahead of their peers.

Here are more ways right brain training unleashes your child’s potential.


It lessens the tendency for screen dependency

Sometimes, it’s just easier to have babies watch cartoons and other videos on portable devices to keep them at ease while parents perform other activities or relax. You can see one-year-olds practically using a smartphone and while this is amazing and that the videos can also be educational, too much screen time may eventually impede cognitive development, among many other adverse effects.

Heguru’s classes are not the conventional classroom-type ones that will bore your little one. Each lesson is packed with over 50 interactive activities that will engage the child’s attention. These activities include flashcards, memory games, puzzles, numbers and character activities, rhythm and songs and dance performances.

The 50-minute class runs once a week for 42 weeks. You may replicate the activities at home to add some quality time with your child.


It cultivates a passion for learning

“I believe that every child is a unique individual and have their own special aptitude. It is my desire to help children [develop] a love for learning from a young age and help them discover their passion,” says Teacher Angelina, Head Teacher at Heguru Singapore City Square Mall.

Heguru conducts individual follow-ups beyond the classes and also shares various aspects on raising a child.

Learning at the most impressionable stage of a child’s life paves the way for excellence in various disciplines, be it in academics, music, arts, or sports. Honing a child’s brain at a young age will also help them learn life skills in a more effective way.

Moreover, it provides parents an assurance that whatever path their child eventually takes, they will have been equipped to take on challenges and succeed, having been taught the most basic aspect of achieving something—how to learn.

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