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Best Pregnancy Apps For New Mums In 2018

Congratulations on your new pregnancy! As preparation for your little bundle of joy begins, it’ll seem like an uphill challenge (especially if you’re a first-time mum) trying to juggle doctor’s appointments, baby bump monitoring, work commitments and more while dealing with everything pregnancy throws your way. Luckily, there are plenty of pregnancy apps on the market designed to make expectant mums’ lives easier. Scroll through the gallery to find out which apps are actually worth downloading. 

What To Expect

Available on iOS and Android

One of the top baby apps in the world, What To Expect acts like a day-to-day virtual guide throughout your pregnancy. It offers a plethora of functions such as pregnancy tracking to show baby’s daily growth as well as personalised weekly updates to help you understand bodily changes and baby’s development during each stage of pregnancy. And parents-to-be with any pregnancy-related questions can easily find accurate answers from their database of over 15,000 articles or pull up expert tips at any time during the pregnancy journey.

The Bump – Pregnancy Countdown

Available on iOS and Android

Our favourite on this list, The Bump is a baby growth tracker, pregnancy planner, daily diary, expert advice giver and even baby product catalogue, condensed into an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly interface. As baby develops, mummies will receive timely and relevant information according to each stage of their pregnancy, from learning how to ward off morning sickness to narrowing down what to pack in your hospital bag – which makes it a great app for first-time parents. And its planner feature does more than help you keep track of prenatal doctor visits; it also suggests important questions to ask your doctor and integrates seamlessly with your everyday calendar.

Full Term – Contraction Timer & Pregnancy Toolkit

Available on iOS

Created by a dad for use during his wife’s labour, Full Term provides a convenient way to track and detail the times, durations and frequency of contractions throughout the entire labour process – all the better to update (or e-mail) the docs at the hospital with! Plus, this no-frills app offers a handy Fetal Kick counter and Weight Tracker so parents won’t miss out any important but easily overlooked details throughout the pregnancy.

WebMD Pregnancy

Available on iOS

WebMD Pregnancy prides itself on containing every feature you’ll need to “manage your pregnancy”, and it’s right. Apart from gaining excess to over 900 doctor-approved content ranging from articles, videos, quizzes and more, parents can make use of the app’s detailed tracking functions. Think a symptom tracker to better understand triggers and bodily responses, weight and blood pressure tracker to share with the doctor, kick counter to track baby’s movements, and even a contraction timer for the labour period.

And the app even provides organisational and journal options, from calendar functions to custom checklists, milestone recording and even a belly photo album to document your growing belly. This app is definitely worth a download to help make your pregnancy journey a smooth-sailing one.

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker App

Available on iOS and Android

Recognising that every pregnancy is unique, Ovia Pregnancy offers a highly customisable experience based on users’ personal details. Apart from the run of the mill pregnancy tracking, mums-to-be will be able to log and manage their pregnancy symptoms, moods, sleep patterns, exercise sessions and more. Then according to their data, mums will receive health assessments, pregnancy tips and other relevant insights. Plus, users will be able to record everything easily throughout their pregnancy, from doctor’s appointments to milestones through fun belly pics and ultrasounds.

280 Days: Pregnancy Diary

Available on iOS and Android

Looking for a fun way to document your pregnancy? 280 Days is a great app that offers health tracking for both baby and mummy while letting both parents share and enjoy the pregnancy experience. Everything that goes on during the pregnancy journey can be recorded via a cute Photo Diary – dad can contribute to it too!



Available on iOS ($0.99)

Bring your pregnancy photo diary to the next level with BellyBump, an app by three celeb fathers that’ll allow expectant mums to easily create professional-looking time-lapse videos of their growing bump.

It’s simple: line up your belly on the app’s movable outline, snap a photo and edit it using the opacity feature to ensure your photos match, and style your completed vid with customisable colours, titles and songs. You don’t even have to worry about forgetting a day – schedule daily, weekly or bi-weekly alerts so you’ll never miss a milestone!