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For most women, becoming a mum is one of biggest turning points in their lives. Some may have their child earlier in life while others choose, or have, to wait. While waiting may be frustrating, it definitely is worth it once you’ve laid eyes on your little angel.

These celebrity mums show us that parenting knows no age and that contrary to popular belief, it is never too late to give birth to a child even in your 40s. Life begins at 40 anyway, right?

#1 Melody Chen

Source: Melody Chen’s IG account

It took nine years until DJ Melody Chen and husband Randall Tan were finally blessed with not just one, but two kids! Melody, who was 40 when she gave birth, not only had to endure the ordeals of giving birth at her age, but also having her twins born prematurely.

#2 Fann Wong

Source: Fann Wong’s IG account

When Fann gave birth to Zed, she was head over heels in love with him. The actress, who was 43 then, admitted that her son changed her life and when she found out she was pregnant, she couldn’t stop smiling. The kung-fu-fighting girl from Jackie Chan’s Shanghai Knights movie has become a different kind of tough with the arrival of the baby she’s been waiting for so long.

#3 Stefanie Sun

Source: Stefanie Sun’s IG account

Stefanie Sun just celebrated her 40th birthday when she gave birth to her second child with her husband Nadim Van Der Ros. The Singaporean singer was quick to share with her fans an Instagram photo of her and her child with the caption: “Baby girl’s current status: Checking out a whole new world. Parents’ current status: Checking out a whole new girl. Mama’s current status: Hungry. Overall summary: Mother and baby are fine and in good health.”

#4 Carole Lin

Source: Carole Lin’s IG account

Despite the challenging caesarean birth of her daughter Brooklyn when she was 42, Carole is currently enjoying being a mum. She credits her success in overcoming postpartum blues to her husband David and several other fellow mums including Fann herself.

#5 Constance Song

Source: Constance Song’s IG account

Constance was 42 when she gave birth to her daughter, who she referred to as her “best birthday present.” Unlike other mums, Constance shared that she did not have a tough pregnancy—no morning sickness or appetite changes at all.

#6 Leelian Chua

Source: Leelian Chua’s IG account

First she revealed her wedding then came her three-month pregnancy. When Leelian shared this news, she also shared the struggles of her pregnancy, which included gastric pains and problematic sleeping patterns, a somewhat common issue for high-risk pregnancies like hers. Despite her age of 42 when she gave birth, Leelian is still willing to have another baby.

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