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Most parents of preschoolers in Singapore often have a common goal, and that is to ensure their child is well-prepared for their first year of primary school. As such, it is not uncommon to help your child get a head start by bridging the gap between Kindergarten and Primary One, so that they don’t get overwhelmed in the exciting new chapter of their lives.

We’ve collated some of the best preparatory and enrichment classes available that would benefit your child in the respective subjects when they start their Primary One journey.

Combined Subjects

Mind Stretcher: P1 English and Mathematics Head Start (K1 & K2)


The structured coursework is designed to ensure that students undergo gradual exposure to the demands of the Primary One and Two syllabus for English and Mathematics. The English programme contains themes that interest young children in engaging and lively lessons filled with class discussions, stories, games, songs, open-ended questions, comprehension, cloze passage and interactive whiteboard activities. Foundational creative writing skills are also introduced to instill a love for writing and inspire creativity and imagination. The Mathematics programme will equip your child with important mathematical concepts which will be introduced through various strategies, including challenging problem-solving questions and activities to develop higher order thinking skills. This will be further enhanced through a fun learning environment using hands-on activities using manipulative, flashcards, puzzles and interactive whiteboard activities.

Cost: $139.10 per month for weekdays / $149.80 per month for weekends

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Learning Journey: Primary 1 Preparation Programme


Held once a week in a one-and-a-half hour programme, this specially designed programme equips soon-to-be primary one students with necessary academic skills for the new school year. The lessons are conducted in a highly interactive and fun environment with hands-on activities. Topics introduced are in line with the Ministry of Education’s Primary One syllabus for English, Mathematics and Chinese, which will make the transition to primary school easier.

Cost: $480 per term for two subjects / $550 per term for three subjects

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Edufarm: Preparatory 1 – English & Mathematics for K2 Students


Fundamentals are absolutely important when preparing academically for entry into Primary One. As such, this programme is equipped to familiarise your child with the Primary One English and Math syllabus and provide them with the necessary skill set to tackle the questions. From understanding basic math concepts like length and mass in Math to grammar rules and comprehension in English, this is a two-in-one prep course that your child will need for that head start in Primary One!

Cost: $240 per term

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English Language

MindChamps: Reading Programme


The MindChamps Reading Programme ensures that your child masters the full suite of eight essential skills of reading that are required by the Ministry Of Education’s curriculum, and also instills a champion mindset for confidence and higher order thinking. Through positive motivation, they will help your child to develop genuine interest and excitement to read. They would also help your child understand the meaning and context of each word through their Integrated Phonics approach.

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The Write Connection: P1 Preparatory English and Writing Programme


This lively enrichment programme is aimed at equipping children with a strong English foundation before they start primary school. It encourages students to discover the fascinating world around them, and learn to express themselves through writing. The programme will cover vocabulary and grammar, reading comprehension, listening and speaking, writing, creation of visual journal and in-class writing while helping the students develop cognitive ability and nurture social-emotional growth. Through fun-filled, hands-on activities, your child will not think of English as a boring subject!

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The Learning Lab: Math Kindergarten 2


This programme will focus on preparing your child for school by laying a strong foundation in number concepts and all topics covered in Primary One. Your child will learn more heuristics to equip him or her with the knowledge and skills to solve math problems. On top of building on their understanding of math topics, they will also be able to master certain skills and techniques used to tackle math problems. Interactive in-class activities will also be utilised in class to generate interest in the subject and equip them with essential life skills for school.

Cost: $360 per month

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Early Math Matters: Primary One Preparation


In this one-year preparation course, your child will experience a holistic curriculum that comprises not only the understanding of required math topics in primary school but also enhances lateral, visual and logical thinking processes to problem solve with possibilities. The purposeful play lessons encourage experiential learning through interactive, hands-on manipulatives, while the Virtual Reality technology gives your child a way to experience math concepts in the virtual world.

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Chinese Language

Berries World of Learning School: K2 – P1 Chinese Preparatory
This programme will help to strengthen your child’s Chinese reading ability through stories that carry interesting illustrations. Your child will also be able to develop analytical and oral skills by telling stories from pictures using vocabulary they learnt during the lesson. Using cartoons and pictures, students will be introduced to comprehension, Hanyu Pinyin, idioms, sentence structures and comprehension that are essential in building a strong foundation to meet Primary One standards.

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Bo Le Language Education Centre: Pri 1 Preparatory


Expose your child to the demands of the Primary One Chinese language syllabus with this course. Designed to provide your child with a solid foundation, they will be equipped with the required skills like the basics of han yu pin yin, forming simple sentences in Mandarin, and the basic strokes of the Chinese characters.

Cost: $570 for 15 lessons (price includes online registration fee)

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