Common Effects Of Being Too Strict On Your Kid

Disciplining children is a parent’s way of preparing them for what lies ahead. But being strict on your child has its own ups and downs. Parents have to know when to draw the line and when to give their kids the freedom to be themselves. If you feel like you may be too strict on your child, be careful as you may be affecting them in not-so-good ways.

Check out some of the effects of being too strict on your little one.

#1 There may be a negative impact on your child’s well-being

Kids whose parents are overly controlling may be less open, happy, and expressive than their peers. Because of the controlling environment they’re exposed to, they might feel scared to express their feelings and may be uptight during social gatherings because of fear that they might say or do something wrong. Dealing with your controlling parenting style may also cause stress in your child’s life and will affect self-esteem in the long run.

#2 Your child doesn’t learn to be responsible 

If they constantly experience nagging, kids may feel like their parents will always hold the card to their future. If they need something in life, they will look to their mums or dads to decide for them and not to themselves, as if they have a passive role in their own lives. Eventually, you’ll have to learn to let go and let your child take over her life, especially as she grows older.

#3 Your child might develop inferiority complex

Being too strict may cause your child to feel like she’s not good enough. In effect, she might have an inferiority complex—a feeling that her opinions or feelings don’t matter. This may make her more aloof around people or less participative in school. Thus, being too strict may actually affect your child’s success in life and may not even be helpful in the end.

#4 Your child doesn’t confide in you

Out of fear that you’d judge her, your child may feel restricted to confide in you because you’re too strict. She might feel like you’d get mad at her if she tells you she did something in school or you’d think what she did was wrong. This causes broken communication between you and your child.

#5 It’s scary for your child to take risks or try new things

Establishing a relationship based on fear will have the same effect in your child’s mental attitude towards life. She will be scared to try new things, take risks in life, or tell the truth about herself for fear that you and her may not be on the same page. Let your child run free and discover herself without having to control how she should feel about it.

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