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Common Myths About Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are very common. Whether you try to keep them hidden under clothes or with makeup, or you consider them a badge of honour after giving birth to your child(ren), chances are you, like most women, have stretch marks. There’s also a good chance that you don’t know everything about them. So here are eight fun facts about stretch marks that we found out from Dr Derrick Aw, senior consultant at National University Hospital.

#1 Stretch Marks Can Occur Anywhere

You can have stretch marks just about anywhere. They can also occur on the loins, thighs, and calves. In fact, the most common area involved is the buttocks!

#2 Stretch Marks Are Permanent

“Unfortunately, stretch marks are permanent. But losing weight can help to make the marks less obvious,” advises Dr Aw.

#3 C-Sections Do Not Cause Stretch Marks

C-sections cause surgical marks, not stretch marks. That said, in the long-term, surgical C-section mark can look deceptively similar to a stretch mark – whitish and flat/depressed. will-they-get-worse-1100x858 Credit: stretchmarks.org

#4 Not All Creams Are Gimmick

There are many treatment options available, but no particular treatment has proven to be the most superior. “Creams containing Centella asciatica, glycolic acid, retinoid, silicone, professional chemical peels that use strong acids, and certain lasers and light, may be useful to reduce the appearance of stretch marks,” advises Dr Aw. laser-skin-treatmentskin-laser-surgery-lawsuits-increasing-cpwbt3pd Credit: dawaiyatra

#5 Laser Cosmetic Surgery Is Not The Only Solution

Laser surgery may be helpful, especially during the initial stage of development when the marks are red but it is not the only treatment for stretch marks. In fact, as mentioned by Dr Aw, the marks rarely disappear completely after treatment!

#6 It Matters

Stretch marks are permanent but they can worsen with continued mechanical stretching. Stretch marks are also a cosmetic concern for many people, particularly women. skinny-woman-female-appetite-how-to-eat-more-bone-structure-body-type-weight-gain1

#7 Skinny Doesn’t Mean Stretch Mark Free

It is true that being skinny, you have already avoided the second biggest cause of stretch marks – being overweight. But it is not necessarily that only overweight people have stretch marks either. “About half of the obese people develop stretch marks,” says Dr Aw. “Other causes of skin stretching, such as pregnancy and bodybuilding, can also cause stretch marks,” says Dr Aw. However, there are more causes that even a skinny woman isn’t safe from. Every lady goes through puberty regardless of her weight. Not only that, but if the skin itself is weak in nutrients, it takes very little for it to stretch and start forming marks. prevention-stretch-marks-men Credit: prodepor.es

#8 Men Get Stretch Marks Too

Yes, stretch marks may be more common in women, probably because they have a common cause of skin stretching, which is pregnancy. However, men too can get stretch marks. In most cases, males produce less of the skin healing hormone called collagen, which is the key element for healing your skin faster. However, the amount isn’t so extreme that there is no chance for a cure if you are a man; it might just take a bit longer. Do you know of any interesting facts about stretch marks? Let us know in the comment section down below!