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Looking for fun yet simple activities that can help support your little one’s fine motor development? Here’s a list of fairly simple exercises that not only furthers your child’s progress, but helps them prepare for tasks that require more precision.

Pasta Tower

Via Laughing Kids Learn

Materials needed:

  • Rigatoni Pasta
  • Straws
  • Play dough

A simple activity that builds concentration while developing your child’s fine motor skills through the simple assembling of pasta, you can adapt the materials to suit your child’s individual needs.

Paint Bag Writing

Via Let’s Explore

Materials needed:

  • Zipper storage bag
  • Finger paint
  • Cotton swab (optional)

Doodling shapes and swirls is a fun way to get little hands used to grasping pencil-shaped objects – even more so when they’re doodling on colourful bags filled with paint. To make these “paint bag tablets”, fill up a plastic zipper storage bag with some finger paint. Spread the paint around till the bag is all filled up and seal well with tape. Little ones can either start doodling with their finger, or easy-to-grasp objects like cotton swabs. Once the “page” is all filled up, simply smoosh and smear the paint around to start over.  

Colour Recognition Game

Via Mess For Less

Materials needed:

  • Colourful straws
  • Container
  • Scissors (to make holes)
  • Colourful permanent makers

This activity will come in handy for parents who are teaching their child to recognise colours – all your little one has to do is drop coloured straws into the matching hole.

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