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It’s common to encounter an inner struggle that comes with being pregnant. In order to keep up with the change of your bodies and needs, you find yourself having to keep up with all the different kinds of remedies and gadget which will promise you quick relief. To save you from spending anymore on temporary fixes, here are some pregnancy hacks that you can use to help you get through all three trimesters for a worry-free pregnancy.

First Trimester

#1 Nausea Kit
Morning sickness does not just occur in the morning. Make your own nausea kit with disposable toothbrushes, facial wipes, a small hand towel, hard candy, breath fresheners and your makeup compact. This will give you some peace of mind when your morning sickness kicks in when you’re out of the house.

#2 Bland Foods and Small Meals
When you are experiencing morning sickness and don’t feel too good, stick to having bland foods like toast and chicken broth. Eat small meals several times a day to feel less bloated, which will also help to ensure your vomitting is at a minimal.

#3 Listen to Your Body
If you feel like taking a nap, do it. If you don’t feel like doing housework, ignore it. Ask your partner to take on more housework, hire some outside help or just learn to let small things go. Now is the time for you to relax and take things easily as you will feel much more energetic during the second trimester.

Second Trimester

#1 Swelling Prevention
Give your feet a good soak in some sea salt to tame the bloat. Use a bucket or large bowl filled with salt water and add a few drops of grapefruit essential oil. Your feet is bound to feel as good as new when you’re done!

#2 Keep Skin Moist
Get a head-start on avoiding stretch marks by keeping your skin hydrated through drinking plenty of water or eating high water content foods like cucumbers and radishes.

#3 Satisfy Your Cravings
Keep granola bars or non-perishable snack in a place within easy reach so that you can curb your cravings without getting out of bed. If you are craving for something that requires refrigeration, make it before you go to bed and have it ready for you in the fridge.

Third Trimester

#1 Lesser Trips to the Toilet
The trick to making sure your bladder is completely empty is to lean forward when you are sitting on the toilet. This releases some pressure and allows you to fully empty your bladder.

#2 Combat Constipation
Involve more fibre in your diet. Some good options are fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains. Also, ensure you drink plenty of fluids as it helps to loosen everything and get it flowing.

#3 Solution to Sore Backs
What you can do to alleviate the pain is to prop up one leg on a step stool or box. This has been proven to take some of the stress and pain off your back.

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