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Father's Day 2017 Special: Daddy On Duty #1

As part of our Father’s Day special this year, we’re taking a look at three inspiring modern dads who have gone above and beyond to be a huge part of their children’s growing years. Check out what our first “dad-of-the-hour” Raymond Foong (father of two) had to say about how being a father does not mean that you have to give up on your dreams.

We don’t believe many would be brave enough to take the plunge to leave our stable 9-5 job to pursue our passion. But the rules don’t apply to Raymond Foong. Ever since he was young, Raymond had dreamt of starting his own business and making lots of money. But at 38-years-old, he was the Regional Head of FX eCommerce Client Services at a European bank, and felt that he was not at his best potential. What happened next was him calling it quits at his then-job, and then unleashing his full capability with his own eCommerce business. 

Through this, the father-of-two reported that he now has more time to spend with his children and have also thoroughly enjoyed all the priceless moments he’s had with them thus far. “Now that I have more control of the time with my kids, everyday can be a weekend for us!”

Q: Why do you think fathers should be more hands-on when it comes to their children?

Well, women in general tend to already have stronger bond with their kids. Fathers usually stand aside, observe and lend a helping hand as and when needed. I think all fathers should learn from their wives and take up more initiative and be more hands-on when it comes to parenting because we both play the same role; that is to be there to guide the kids as they grow and develop. 

Q: Share with us advice you’d give parents who are afraid of pursuing their passion as a full-time job.

I think financial stability is the main reason why most parents take up 9-5 jobs, and I have many friends where both husband and wife take up such jobs hoping to earn as much money as possible during their prime stage for their family. Starting a business requires courage and hard work with little financial returns at the initial phase. And while it is still important, I consider job security as a thing of the past. In this day and age, making smart and right investments can create multiple sources of income which will then allow us to gradually move our attention towards working on our passion. 

Originally published in “Daddy on Duty”, written by Shaistah Munawar for Singapore’s Child September 2015.

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