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When it comes to exposing children to certain types of content, parents must be extra careful. The same goes for books. Kids have a tendency to remember and retain things they learn from the first books they read. They may even find bits and pieces of themselves in some of the characters, whether it’s in a fairytale, a comic book, or even a biography. 

To make sure your kids are reading the right books and learning appropriate lessons, take note of these tips to help you decide when a book is a good match for them. 

#1 Ensure that it’s age-appropriate

Depending on your little one’s age, the books she should be reading must match both her reading ability and level of comprehension. For example, most preschoolers would probably not engage well with books without photos. You might want to go for picture books instead. Grade schoolers will most likely appreciate books with strong storylines and scattered illustrations to drive their imagination. To help guide parents, most books have age guidelines you can check to see if it’s appropriate for your child’s age.

#2 Think of your child’s interest

Do you see her eyes light up when science is the topic? Or is she always excited to solve a math problem? Perhaps your child is passionate about outer space. Observe your child’s interest towards certain topics and consider buying her a book about it as she’ll be more likely to get engrossed reading it. It’s important that the books your child reads is relatable to her so she’ll be more likely to finish it and love books even more.

#3 Find a book that’s fun to read

More than being informative, books can also be sources of fun and entertainment for kids. Books that use fun and creative language tend to engage kids even more. For example, consider getting a science book written embedded in a storyline or even poetry—these are good ways to spin a serious subject into something even more creative and imaginative. Or look for books with colourful and catchy illustrations that will make the book appealing for your child.

#4 Choose books that are highly recommended for kids

With the internet, it would be easy for parents to look up certain books and check out their reviews online. It’s also a good way to know what other parents think about the book when their children read it. Aside from online reviews and recommendations, it might also be helpful to ask your child’s teachers for advice. Another point of your research can be about the book’s author: writing styles and topics the author is known for, reviews about the author’s work, as well as awards received before, if any.

#5 Don’t be afraid to test varieties

While knowing your child’s interest is extremely important in fostering her love for reading, it’s equally important for your child to get acquainted with other subjects too. Who knows, she might discover a new passion because of it?

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