Free Science Workshop For Children: A Must-Attend For Your Budding Scientist!

Ignite your child’s curiosity and passion for science through a fascinating exploration of the microscopic world of Euglena!

What is Euglena?


Euglena is an alga, free-living microorganism that exhibits both plant- and animal-like characteristics, including the ability to move around. Despite it being only 0.05mm in length, this microalga packs a punch; it is able to reproduce and grow rapidly with water and light for sustenance.

The wonder microalga

Euglena is highly nutritious and contains 59 different vitamins, minerals and amino acids – enough to cover most nutrients needed for human survival. In addition, Euglena has a no cell-wall structure that allows easy digestion and efficient absorption of nutrients.

Because of its powerful ability to perform photosynthesis and grow even in environments with high CO2 concentrations, Euglena has high potential to reduce CO2 emissions (greenhouse gas). More amazingly, the microalga produces a light oil extraction through photosynthesis that is suitable for bio jet fuel production.

Pioneers of Euglena


Pictured: Euglena P-3, a health food supplement containing microalgae Euglena, S$120, available at selected clinics and retail pharmacies

Recognising the sheer potential of this game-changing microalga, Japanese biotech company, euglena Co. is a pioneer and leading producer of Euglena-containing products.

From nutritional supplements, food and beverages and cosmetics to fertiliser and more, Euglena Co. has a versatile catalogue of Euglena-based products. The president of euglena Co., Mitsuru Izumo hopes that the company’s products will improve people’s health and benefit the planet. euglena Co.’s products have received Halal certification so everyone can consume the high nutritional values of Euglena-based food.

Enter the microscopic world of Euglena!

Get up close with “the future of agriculture” through euglena Co.’s inaugural science workshop in Singapore! Held on 10 March, this one-day event allows children to explore the fascinating world of Euglena alongside top-notch Japanese researchers – your little scientist will be able to see, feel and even taste Euglena!

euglena Co. Science Workshop details

Date: 10 March (Saturday)
Time: 10am to 12pm, 1:30pm to 3:30pm, 4pm to 6pm
Venue: Singapore Science Centre
For children aged 8 years and above. Admission is free, click here to register!