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Fun DIY Activities to Include In Your Child’s Next Big Party

Hosting a DIY party allows every loving detail to reflect just how special your child is. Together, you can decide on a theme that he likes and think of games and activities that he enjoys with friends.

Hiring someone else to run the party is convenient, but often, loud music, a screaming host, and games that nobody wants to join in can drown the fun out. Winning a prize becomes a cause for stress and panic in children, parents, and more than a few competitive helpers.

Here are some easily customisable DIY games and activities that honour your child and his little guests.

Bobbing for apples

How to: Fill up a large laundry pail with water and enough small apples for each guest. Set it on a low table. With hands behind their backs, children take turns “catching” floating apples with their teeth. It’s fun, wet, and challenging!

Treasure hunt

How to: Prepare pictures and word list of 10 or more items. Attach a copy to a recyclable bag. Participants then search for the items around the party venue for minutes of fun! This game can be easily adjusted according to theme of your party.


For older children who enjoy competitive games and activities, relays can be a lot of fun. Set up two teams to run around a goal post, and then tag the next person in line. The first team that has all of its members complete the challenge wins. Variations include setting up obstacles such as a sturdy table to climb over or crawl under, chairs to zig-zag through, and a hoop to jump through.

Craft time

DIY parties won’t be complete without craft creations. Provide blank canvases in the form of T-shirts, canvas bags, or papier-mache animals. Set up tubs of coloured markers, acrylic paints, or fabric pens, and have your guests personalise their own party souvenirs. Face-painting is also another very popular activity, and one that your child will love!

Activity centers

Set up DIY crafts or challenges that kids can do on their own. Print a set of clear instructions, assign an adult to man a station, and allow guests to play at their own pace. Activities can include a play-dough station, sand and water table and even a finger painting corner!