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Help Your Child Learn English With This British Council-Approved Animated Series

An animated series for young English language learners has just joined the herd of educational videos on YouTube.

Starring Timmy the Lamb from the Shaun the Sheep movie, the online series is the latest addition to the Learning Time with Timmy suite, developed by the British Council in collaboration with animation studio Aardman – the folks behind movies like Wallace & Gromit and Chicken Run.

The 26-episode series are based on a curriculum developed by the British council and feature “tried-and-tested” lesson plans used in immersive Timmy-themed venues around the world. Uploaded weekly to a dedicated YouTube channel, fun and informative bonus content will also be made available alongside each episode.

The new online animated series is the latest addition to the innovative Learning Time with Timmy portfolio, delivering English language learning for two to six year olds around the world.

Check out the first episode here!

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