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Step back into your childhood—with your little one in tow—when you attend this year’s Children’s Festival! From 15 to 30 June, various activities and displays await the whole family, making this an easy highlight of the June school holidays.

Curious about what to see and do at the Festival? Here are things to keep in mind.

#1 Roam the toy land we’ve grown to love

If your child hasn’t watched the series of Toy Story movies yet, it’s time to have some movie marathon because the Children’s Festival 2019 is all about the movie’s fourth instalment. It’s nostalgic for parents and exciting for children, making it a sure hit for all types of visitors.

One of the easy things to look out for is the track between two Supertrees where twice every hour, a giant marble will run to the tune of Toy Story melodies. While there, visit the dispensing machine for a chance to take home exclusive Disney and Pixar’s Toy Story 4 Bobble Head figures.


#2 Have an adventure with your favourite characters

With the theme comes a host of activities to look forward to. These will not only bring out your child’s fun side but will also test certain skills and turn him or her into a Toy Story hero.

  • Star Adventurer: Set Buzz Lightyear free by recharging and powering up the batteries in his space suit.
  • Bo Peep’s Adventure: This activity is set to improve your child’s agility, speed, and endurance while you marvel at the sight of this amazing obstacle course.
  • Woody Coaster Rescue, Jesse’s Ring Capture, and Bullseye Rescue: Games for the budding hero
  • Trail Book Activities: Get a trail book and complete the designated missions with Toy Story 4 characters.

On 15 to 16 June, your child will also stand a chance to interact with Toy Story’s iconic characters Buzz Lightyear and Sheriff Woody. The meet-and-greet will happen at 10:30am, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, and 7pm.


Bo Peep’s Adventure

#3 Don’t miss out on other creative shows

Aside from Toy Story 4-inspired activities, the Children’s Festival also features other creative shows to keep every member of the family entertained. These include:

  • Dog Demo Show: Learn a thing or two from this show featuring dog trainer Patrick Wong, who will showcase obedience techniques with his well-trained dogs.
  • Magic Show: Watch closely with your kids as a magician tries his best tricks on you.
  • Alien Show: For your child who’s curious about science, here’s a guaranteed friendly encounter with aliens and their experiments.
  • Puppet Show: Meet Baby Pinky and witness her sing, laugh, and have fun with kids.
  • Bubble Show: “Bubbleologists” will make your jaw drop as they create bubbles and other foamy characters.
  • Space Show: Created for little astronauts, this show will give kids a glimpse of how some amazing phenomena such as the Big Bang came to life.
  • Cowboy Show: Have your child solve mysteries a la sheriff and say the satisfying “Mission accomplished!” with other kids as they decode the mysteries of the Wild West.
  • Carnival Carnivale Musical: This interactive musical performance, directed by British playwright and director Brian Seward, will features engaging stories with important lessons using Pantomime-style characters and scenarios.


#4 Make more children happy

The Festival is an opportunity not just for family fun but also to spread happiness with its Toy Donation Drive. Bring pre-loved toys or sports equipment in good condition to be donated for children under the care of Salvation Army, TOUCH Community Services (TOUCH Child Care), and Food from the Heart.

Children’s Festival 2019 is a collaboration between Singapore Tourism Board and The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia (Disney), and is co-organised by event company Pico. Click here for more information.

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