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We all know the pressure that comes with our career, but how much harder can it be if you’re also a wife and a mother? Striking a balance between your career and family is a challenge that most working mums face. But it doesn’t have to be a struggle.

Here are some ways you can maintain balance while still following your dreams and stepping it up in your career.

#1 Prioritise family events if you have to

Family should always come first and if you’re working in a healthy environment, your boss and colleagues will also value that. If you’ve already made commitments for family dinner or occasions, honour that by not setting up meetings or work-related tasks that coincide with it. Inform your officemates ahead of time to avoid conflicts.

#2 Seek help when needed

For some mums, letting go of control may be hard especially if it concerns your children and the household. But asking for help won’t hurt too. If your resources allow, hire a trusted babysitter to look after the child or look for a professional cleaner to tidy up the house so you don’t have to. You can use the extra time it gives to catch up with your kids instead.

#3 Be organised

When things get overwhelming, jot down your goals for the day or for the week so you get a clearer picture of what’s needed to be done. See if you can squeeze in family affairs in between work commitments and if not, manage your husband and kids’ expectations so they don’t feel neglected.

#4 Communicate with your partner

Every successful working mum has a supportive husband rallying behind her. It’s important that you keep an open and honest communication with your partner so he can cover for you if need be. It’s also a must for him to know what your goals are so you can both work toward it. The same goes for him: there will be times when you have to take over and be a mum first.

#5 Set aside time for self-care

Do not forget the importance of your mental and physical health. As much as possible, squeeze in some time for reflection and meditation so you can face the day head on with a calm and open mind. Exercise regularly and commit to a nutritious and balanced diet. This will not only help you finish your tasks but will also give you the energy you need to spend time with your kids even after work.

#6 Schedule family time

Set a “family only” time and stick to it. This means no answering work phone calls or emails and doing office errands. It can be during the weekend or an hour every weeknight. Make this an opportunity to catch up with your husband, help your kids with their homework, or just have fun in general. This way, they won’t have to feel like “mum is always working.”

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