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For children, play is everything. It’s not just about fun and games—it’s also how the little ones learn about the world and develop who they are. We give you six ways to transform your home into the best playground for them to play and grow up in!

1. See Things From A Child’s Perspective


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Play can happen anytime, anywhere and not just around toys. Look out for items and furnishings that have safety and play built into its design. Consider how these things will be used from a child’s perspective so that the room can be both a comfortable haven and the perfect playground.

2. Space Out For Fun Bonding Times

Children like to try things out, learning by experimenting with their surroundings. Ensure that there is plenty of space to move around freely so that your kids can have fun and hone their motor skills at the same time. Additionally, this gives your kids plenty of space to be around you to spend quality bonding time together. Children want to be where parents are. According to PlayReport, the largest global survey on childhood development and play of 8,000 parents and 3,000 children across 25 countries, most kids prefer playing with their parents (73%) over watching TV (11%) or using the Internet (14%). So give your kids the space to play as well as bond. For example, a balancing beam can be added to the living room for kids to practise walking and balancing as well as a seat while having meals.  

3. Make Room For Imagination

Dulux Faraway Places Kit

Photo credit: Dulux

Let your kids personalise their space and explore their identities. To do so, let your home be a place that helps stimulate their creativity. This can be done by creating a mini-circus at home with a children’s tent or paint the room into an indoor adventure using the Dulux Faraway Places DIY package. The kit comes with comes with a six Dulux Colour Play paint packs, guide, stencils and stickers to turn the room into any of the eight unique themes such as Under the Sea, Princess Castle, Up in the Sky, Into Space and Treasure Island.

4. Toys For Learning And For Fun

And of course, not forgetting the all-important toys! Choose toys that are safe, durable and fun to play with and aid in child development by motivating kids to hone their motor skills, social skills and logical thinking. Examples would be toys that help kids develop their fine motor skills such as stacking blocks and sorting puzzles. Toys such as play tunnels are needed encouraging movement. Having kid-sized items that we use in daily life such as a mini-kitchen playset encourages role play and promotes social interaction with their peers.

Toys "R" Us Dr Doggie Care

Photo credit: Toys “R” Us

5. Organised Play

With all those toys, remember to have enough storage spaces around the home for kids to keep their prized possessions away neatly. Opt for storage that can grow with your kids and their treasures. You can then freely add on more as and when you need!

6. Safety First

Children don’t think about safety when playing so it’s up to us as parents to do so. Create a safe environment for your child to explore and grow in by ensuring that all furniture and toys are made with zero tolerance on chemicals and have no sharp edges. If so, use safety products such as corner bumpers on sharp edges of tables and cabinets to prevent injury. Safety plugs to prevent inquisitive fingers from getting stuck in wall sockets and finger guards to prevent fingers from getting caught should also be used.

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