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Taking care of the environment should be everyone’s priority especially with the threats of climate change and global warming. There’s no better way than to start at home, by teaching your kids little ways to start living green.

To celebrate World Earth Day, ask yourself: how can I make my child environmentally conscious?

#1 Make them use eco-friendly items

Your children pick up on your habits and practices. If they see you using eco-friendly items and equipment at home, chances are they would want to do the same. Give them eco-friendly lunchboxes or bamboo straws, for example. Use this also as an opportunity to educate them on the positive impact of using certain types of things over another. 

#2 Teach them how to reuse, reduce, and recycle

You can use these three Rs as one of your rules inside the house. Set aside a time where everyone in the family gathers and helps in categorising which items can be reused, reduced, and recycled. Then, turn it into a fun activity where you can create DIY items out of trash. This way, children become aware of how to properly segregate waste and preserve things around them.

#3 Show them how to conserve water and food 

Simple habits go a long away especially if it is meant to conserve scarce resources. Show them the value of conservation through examples like using a cup to hold water when brushing teeth. Leftovers can also be avoided if children are taught to only get food that they can finish. 

#4 Let them experience nature

Whether it is by walking to the nearest park or attending a gardening workshop, bringing children closer to nature will make them appreciate and care for the environment more. Make them see how important nature is to their lives so that they will extend respect and compassion for it.

#5 Engage in planting activities 

If you don’t have a space to let them have their own garden at home, join planting activities in your community. It’s not only a great way to help the environment but also an opportunity for them to meet new people.

#6 Make them clean their surroundings 

Remind children to always pick up their own trash whether it is at home, in school, or anywhere outside. Let them join you when you’re cleaning the house and if possible, let them clean their own room.

#7 Conserve energy

Aside from water and food, children should also learn to conserve energy. Make it a practice to turn the lights off or the appliances when not in use, do not leave the refrigerator door open, and avoid using computers or laptops too much.

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