Is Induced Labour More Painful?

Induced labour. One of the worst words to hear from your obgyn if you are expecting a natural labour. Some people say an induced labour is more painful than a natural one. So does it pose risk to the baby? Well, we’ve scooped up some important facts for you, plus one mum’s experience of it.

What Is Induced Labour?

If your doctor finds that it is necessary to start your labour artificially, it’s usually because your health, or the health of your baby, is at risk. Induced labour is recommended and carried out usually when: 

  • Your amniotic membrane has ruptured
  • You are overdue
  • You or your baby have a health problem

So, What Does Induced Labour Feel Like?

It’s true. The contractions during induced labour can actually be more painful than natural labour as hormones are introduced to start them. Mothers-to-be who have had to undergo an induced labour have asked for epidurals to cope with the pain. They are also likely to have an assisted delivery. Individual women’s experiences do vary, but induced labour is almost always not a comfortable process. Does this means you shouldn’t go ahead with it even if doctor says so? This is a decision you and your husband will have to make.

One Mum’s Experience Of Induced Labour

Nurainie have always wanted to experience spontaneous labour. But at 38 weeks, her doctor recommended her to undergo an induced labour. “I got upset. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I believe our bodies are made suitable for childbirth. Plus, the women in my family and other friends had done it – I thought I could, too.”

24 Hours Labour

There was very little notice given as her unplanned early induction meant she had even less time to finish up her work. “I barely had enough sleep because of work. Looking back now, I’m not sure if my exhaustion contributed to the slow dilation and overall long labour process,” she says.

Nurainie laboured for 23 hours before dilating to 10cm. But after an hour of pushing, there was no progress. “The doctor found that my son’s head had turned upwards, and I had to undergo emergency c-section. I was exhausted by that time, and got even more upset. But I decided to trust my doctor,” she says.

Baby’s Health Comes First

Ask Nurainie how she felt about the whole ordeal and she says it wasn’t the birth experience that she had imagined. “Because of the c-section, I also could not have skin-on-skin contact with my son. And I didn’t get to hear his first cry, because I was so exhausted I fell asleep,” she says. 

“I kept having these negative thoughts, even though I felt blessed to have a healthy baby. But I got to talk it out with my husband and my close friends who gave me a lot of emotional support. My mom also helped me out by cooking and babysitting Aryan whenever I needed her to, and all these help me get over the whole ordeal. I’m glad my child and I have recovered quite well.