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Is Your Child A Picky Eater? Here Are Veggie Dishes You Can Whip Up

There’s no denying the benefits that vegetables can provide for your child. They are nutritious, they protect against diseases and boost development. However, not all kids love vegetables—perhaps even you didn’t like them as a child! 

Worry not. If your child is not a vegetable fan, there are still some dishes you can cook so she won’t miss out on the advantages of eating veggies as she grows up.


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#1 Spinach Bars

Sometimes, the key to making kids eat veggies is to disguise the latter as something else. Such is the case with spinach bars, an easy-to-make appetiser that you can serve during breakfast or set aside as snacks. By simply mixing eggs, onions, spinach, and cheese with milk and baking powder, you’re giving your child a nutritious snack—great for breaks when studying!

Get the recipe here.


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#2 Broccoli Cheese Casserole 

Want a dish that will not only delight your kid but everyone in the family too? The broccoli cheese casserole is a perfect choice for mums who want to serve a healthy side dish. Loaded with cheese and usually topped with butter crackers, this recipe has broccoli all over it—which your child will probably not mind!

Get the recipe here.


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#3 Roasted Veggie Mac and Cheese

Does your little one’s face light up when she hears “mac ‘n cheese”? Take advantage of your child’s love for this dish and whip up some veggies into it! By creating this dish, you’re not only treating your child to a comfort food but to a healthy, balanced meal too. To make it even healthier, you can trade the regular pasta to a whole wheat one. 

Get the recipe here.


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#4 Cauliflower Popcorn

Exchange the usual popcorn snack with this healthier cauliflower popcorn when you have your next movie night. Simply mix the cooked cauliflower with an egg and milk mixture, dip in breadcrumbs, bake accordingly, and voila! Dim the lights for your movie and let the healthy snacking begin.

Get the recipe here.

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