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Jellyfish are beautiful creatures, but boy, do they sting! Make your own jellyfish friend, which you can hang from the ceiling, to spruce up your kids’ room. 

Kids Craft: DIY Jellyfish Materials

Materials you need:

  • Paper bowl
  • Ribbons in various colours
  • Double-sided tape
  • Scissors
  • White paper
  • Black marker
  • Some paint & paintbrushes

Step 1:

Kids Craft: DIY Jellyfish Step 1

Paint the paper bowl in a colour of your choice, preferably one that complements the colour of your ribbons.

Step 2:

Kids Craft: DIY Jellyfish Step 2

Using double-sided tape, stick the ribbons on the inside of the bowl. These act tentacles for your jellyfish.

Step 3:

Kids Craft: DIY Jellyfish Step 3

Draw a pair of eyes on the white paper, cut them out, and paste them on the jellyfish. You can poke a hole through the centre of the paper bowl, and put a thread through it if you’d like to hang it up.


Kids Craft: DIY Jellyfish

Activity: Unscramble the Animal
Learn: Ways to Exercise Your Brain

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