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Learning Before Kindergarten: Speech and Drama

Photo credit: www.freepik.com

As the most common language spoken in Singapore, mastering English is eminent for success in school. Instead of sending your child to an English tutor, give them a head start with speech and drama classes! Beyond vocabulary and grammar knowledge, your child will practice correct articulation, actively use new vocabulary and pick up social cues all in a fun learning environment.

Lorna Whiston

Photo credit: www.lornawhiston.com

Photo credit: www.lornawhiston.com

Pronunciation, expression, clarity, tone, pitch and pace. There are so many aspects of the English languages that are covered in Lorna Whiston’s curriculum. Their teachers are able to accommodate both the shy and vivacious children in one class. To quell any further doubts and anxiety, the school hosts monthly parent-teacher sharing sessions and biannual written reports on your child’s progress.  


Photo credit: www.lovekids.com.sg

Photo credit: www.lovekids.com.sg

With the help of a thickened plot, drama classes aim to engage problem solving abilities as a motivation to step up in class. More than just self-awareness and a strong command of language, LoveKids aims to develop confidence in expression.

Julia Gabriel

Photo credit: www.juliagabriel.com

Photo credit: www.juliagabriel.com

There is nothing better than the joy of good food. Julia Gabriel teaches food appreciation and the social skills of eating together! Their lessons also expose young ones to age-appropriate vocabulary, music and rhythm through stories and music. With the various programs catered to different age groups, their teachings remain relevant as your children mature.

Helen O’Grady

Singpaores Child Helen O Grady Speech and Drama

Photo credit: www.helenogrady.com.sg 

Through songs, speech, movement, skits and questions of the day, Helen O’Grady’s Little Tykes Program aims to equip 3 – 4 years olds with a keen sense of curiosity along with the ability to articulate and express their thoughts coherently.

Speech and Drama in Mother Tongue Languages

Most children nowadays tend to have difficulty familiarising themselves with their mother tongue before school starts, especially if it is not commonly spoken at home. Mastering a new collection of vocabulary and the different enunciations can be difficult. Prepare your child for bilingualism in primary school with early exposure through speech and drama!

Chinese: Children’s Arts Theatre

Photo credit: www.childrenartstheatre.com

Photo credit: www.childrenartstheatre.com

Reading and character writing is the main focus in primary and secondary schools. While 3 to 5 year olds are exposed to these aspects, the program is also culture immersive. Incorporating craft, storytelling and music, the learning process is made to be entertaining and enjoyable.

Tamil: Tamil Cube

Photo credit: www.tuition.tamilcube.com

Photo credit: www.tuition.tamilcube.com

Through drama, storytelling, games and the World’s first Tamil E-learning platform, the curriculum fosters effective communication through language and facial expression. The main takeaways from the class builds up to confidence in children and eases the learning curve in their early primary years.

Malay: MiniMonster

Photo credit: www.MiniMonsters.com.sg

Photo credit: www.minimonsters.com.sg

Who better to teach speech and drama than a TV production house? MiniMonster’s lessons bring characters from story books to life! The fun and interactive lessons sometimes end with children putting up their own theatre performance. On top of crisp pronunciation and proper voice projection techniques, students will have a chance to get creative by making their own props.

You would be surprised by the various linguistic and motor skills a child can develop and the confidence they can gain through some of these lessons. Let your child try out Speech and Drama today!

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