Little Village Launches Donation Drive To Collect Lego Bricks For #BrickstoMyanmar

Photo credit: Little Village Pre-School

It’s time for kids to lend a helping hand – donate your old and new Lego brick pieces for a good cause!

In an effort to help support the ongoing education efforts for children in Myanmar, Little Village Pre-School launches the #BrickstoMyanmar project, a donation drive for old and new Lego brick pieces, which will be used to create Lego Learning Kits to make a difference in the lives of children in Myanmar.

Little Village is appealing to the public for donations of old and new Lego brick pieces, to help make this ‘Kids help Kids’ project possible. With more donated bricks collected, more children and classes will benefit. Making use of old and new Lego brick pieces, Little Village is working with its teachers and students to create Lego Learning Kits that will be accompanied with easy-to-use teacher guides, customised for local Burmese teachers. These learning kits and guides are visually stimulating, and will provide local teachers the opportunity to teach math, problem solving skills and teamwork through hands-on activities and games.

Over the past few months, the children at Little Village have been on a meaningful adventure. As part of the preparations for the donation drive and Lego Learning Kits, they have learnt about life in Myanmar, participated in the conceptualisation of the learning games, developed ideas to raise awareness for Lego donation and designed posters and collaterals for the donation drive. They have even worked together to write a letter to Lego Singapore requesting for an office visit as they believe that Lego will be able to provide them with the resources they need to make this project successful.

Jake Lim (6 years old) helping with the collection of Lego bricks for the #BrickstoMyanmar project Photo credit: Little Village Pre-School

Jake Lim (6 years old) helping with the collection of Lego bricks for the #BrickstoMyanmar project. Photo credit: Little Village Pre-School

Ms Evelyn Ho, a teacher of the Kindergarten 1 class at Little Village Pre-school said, “When we first heard about this project, we were excited because we felt that there would be many opportunities for us to teach our children, beyond the usual books and classroom activities. Through this project, we are able to expose our children to life beyond the classroom, imparting in them the valuable lesson of giving. It’s never too young to learn how to give and through this project, the children have learnt that they too, can make a difference in the lives of others.”

Beyond developing young minds, Little Village is also passionate about cultivating the qualities of the heart in their children. As part of their efforts to do so, the school has worked very closely with Helping Hands, which is part of Pomelo, a social enterprise in Yangon. For the past two years, the school community has been raising funds for Helping Hands through its end of year carnival put together by their children. The funds raised have benefitted many street children and other disadvantaged members of the local community. In collaboration with Helping Hands this year, Little Village will expand its outreach to more children in Myanmar.

The #BrickstoMyanmar donation drive is happening till 25 August, 8am to 6pm daily at 41 Grange Road. Head down to donate your Lego bricks today!

For more information, check out their Facebook and website.