Oct 2016

Join us on a new journey!

How time flies! We’re well into the last quarter of the year and we hope you’ve had a great year so far. In this issue, read all about family planning, your child’s development and getting additional help in the form of babysitters. We also bring you tips on parenting your older kids, and how to tackle issues such as jealousy and building a family culture rooted in the love and curiosity for knowledge. Plus, if you’re already planning the year-end holidays, we have some tips and giveaways for you!

The beginning of the year saw the launch of our digital platforms. An extension of the print magazine, Singapore’s Child Digital provides on-the-go access to our comprehensive parenting resource with daily articles categorised into different age categories.

We’d like to take this opportunity to announce our decision to focus fully on our digital platforms.

With enhanced accessibility and interactivity, our website, Facebook and Instagram pages provide an immersive experience for you as you enjoy exclusive content on the go and exciting promotions. It also provides you the opportunity to reach out to our community of parents and readers, and allow us to bring information to you at a faster rate as we support you in your entire parenting journey.

We will miss the comforting presence of our print copies, but we’re ready to focus all our efforts and energies into our second child, our digital platforms. Join us on this journey, and grow with us!

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