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For married couples, finding time to spend together and staying lovers may be a challenge. There’s work and the kids to prioritise. Date nights happen less and less and whether you’ve just gotten married or have been for a long time, the fear of losing interest and excitement in your relationship sometimes lingers. You may have gotten more comfortable with the routine of married life but don’t let it kill your romance. 

Keep the spark alive with these tips.

#1 Try something new together 

Don’t let the ordinariness of a married life keeps you complacent in your relationship. Break your routine and set aside a time together where you can both try and discover something new. Whether it’s an outdoor activity, a new game, or a travel plan, bring back the excitement by doing something unpredictable. 

#2 Always show your appreciation 

You may not know it but simple deeds make a big difference in a relationship. No matter how busy you both are and how the kids always get your full attention, show your partner how much you appreciate one another. Leave love notes here and there or send a message in between work that will light up one’s day. Offer words of affirmation whenever you can. 

#3 Set date nights

What’s one night a week or even a month to go on a dinner date together and spice things up? Having kids will require your presence 24/7 but you can actually seek assistance from family and close friends to look after your kids when you’re on a date with your partner. Treat your date night as a sacred time, crucial to making your relationship stronger. It’s your time to catch up on one another and to talk about your plans for your family.

#4 Do household chores together 

Treat household chores as an opportunity to bond and work as a team. This may be best done during the weekend when both of you are at home with the kids. Do things for each other, divide the tasks, or cook meals together. Sometimes, the best thing you can do for the person you love is to lend a helping hand. 

#5 Communicate

No matter how busy you may be, always, always communicate with one another. Remember when you first met and how you could not stop talking to each other? Try to bring that same eagerness to your married life. Keep an open line of communication to resolve potential issues in the family, make plans together, and talk about your kids.

#6 Surprise each other

Do something you’ve never done for your partner before and surprise him or her. Create a meal he’s never tried before or buy that watch he’s been eyeing. Surprising your spouse doesn’t always have to be through grand gestures though. Surprise your beloved with little things too like a movie ticket or a spa treat after a long week.

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