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Parent Support Groups Are More Helpful Than You Think

Parenthood is no easy feat and sometimes, you may feel like you’re the only one struggling. Chances are, you’re not. All you need is to find parents going through the same thing.

When the going gets tough in parenting, here are reasons to join the tough who got going. Plus, we’ve listed down some parent support groups you can join!

#1 You have a support system

Some parents experience emotional stress when dealing with challenges, making support groups a welcome respite from the building pressure. New parents who are just learning to navigate parenthood also benefit from having a support system as they discover the joys (and difficulties) of parenting.

For single parents who could use a little cheering up when things get hard, check out Single Parents Support Group.

#2 It can give you practical advice or information

Are you a young mum getting overwhelmed with your new life? There’s the Young Mothers of Singapore to help you get over the fear of motherhood. Want to know how you can effectively nurse your newborn? Breastfeeding Mothers’ Support Group Singapore can provide you with tips. If your child is sick and you want to know how other parents dealt with the same scenario successfully, a support group will make you feel more empowered by providing you with experience-based information. We can go on, but you get the gist.

#3 Groups make you feel “normal” when dealing with something scary

More often than not, parents feel paranoid when confronted with a new situation. This in turn makes them feel emotions that at times may seem unwarranted. Having a support group can make you feel “normal” because parents who went through the same thing will validate your emotions and reactions to certain things. For instance, did you just move to Singapore? Members of Singapore Expat Wives have been in your shoes and can help you overcome your apprehensions.

#4 You’re updated with what’s happening around you

If you’re too busy to read the latest about parenting, health, and your community, support groups are a convenient way to keep yourself updated. Whether it’s about the newest grocery shop in town, the best treatment for a child’s illness, or even updates from your child’s school, parent support groups are not only a great way to know what’s up but an avenue to engage and share opinions with other parents too.

#5 It’s an empowering community

Support groups make parents who have other passions outside of home feel more empowered because it allows you to meet like-minded individuals. If you’re someone who wants to start a business of your own, Ladies and Business in Singapore will inspire you to go for it and maybe even get help from members. If you’re a working mum, Working Moms Support Group by Stork’s Nest Singapore is a safe space to talk about your career.

Are you a member of any parent support group? Share with us your experience!

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