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How To Throw A Perfect Dinner Party

Organising a dinner party at home is no walk in the park. But pulling it off with finesse is not rocket science. Beyond the evening’s menu, note that everything else from table setting to lighting is equally important. To get you started in time for the festive season, we’ve some helpful tips that will turn your table into one impressive sight. 

Set The Table

You don’t need a towering centrepiece and too many plates, forks and knives. The point of the dinner party is to make the guests at ease and enjoy. So do these:

  • Set your plate in the centre with the fork on the left and the knife and spoon on the right. Tip: Face the knife towards the plate so that the blade is safely pointed inwards. 
  • Position glassware on the upper right, at a 1:00 direction. Coasters are a must if you won’t want to leave pesky water stains on the table. 
  • You could play around with the napkin’s position, but we suggest putting it under the fork or on the plate. Use cloth napkins for a more formal feel and printed paper napkins for casual get-togethers.

Light It Up

Not sure what to do about lighting? If your answer is simply switching all the lights on, stop it right there! In this age of social, perfect lighting is key if you want beautiful photos to commemorate the occasion. Here’s what you can do:

  • Scatter candles and tea lights in varying heights across the dinner table for a soft, ambient vibe. This will also give your guests a soft glow once they start taking photos. Trust us, no one likes harsh, unflattering lighting.
  • Don’t switch on all the lights. But leave the table, pendant and floor lamps on. Indirect light sources are a definite must when you want to make a space relaxing.
  • Here’s another lighting hack: Want to hide carpet stains and dirty curtains from your guests? Dim, soft lighting can help make everything better. 

Can You Scent It?

Why bother scenting a space – will anyone even notice? They might not at first, but it will leave a lasting impression later on. With the right scents in the right space, it will add character and depth. Which scent goes where? Follow this guide:

  • If you’re entertaining in the living room, you’ll want something that’s the equivalent of soft background music. This is where a subtle floral scent like jasmine comes in.
  • When at the dining table, think fresh and herb-y, like rosemary and peppermint.
  • Don’t forget the bathroom. The scent here should be soothing and relaxing, so opt for warm, woodsy scent like cedar wood and sandalwood.