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Places With Dedicated Nursing Rooms For Breastfeeding Mums

On top of the many challenges of breastfeeding, nursing mums also worry where they can feed their hungry little one when they’re out of the house. Relax, mummies—here are some places that understand your needs and provide you with a safe haven to breastfeed your child. 

112 Katong

For nursing mums who will go shopping at the eastern part of Singapore, don’t worry if you find yourself in 112 Katong. The shopping mall has its own nursing room on Level 4, albeit small (you may find it a little challenging to bring in a big stroller). Inside, there’s a sink, a changing table, and a bench.

[email protected]

[email protected]’s nursing room may just be one of the nicest and prettiest you’ll see. Located on Level 5, its light-coloured walls and well-lit room give every mum a rejuvenating atmosphere while nursing the baby. It’s not only a place where you can pump for breastmilk, you can also change nappies as it is equipped with three padded diaper changing mats, a sink, and hot and cold water dispenser. There are two private breastfeeding rooms, electric outlets for mums looking to replenish phone battery, and a toilet for kids.

Bedok Mall

Bedok Mall’s nursing room is located on Level B1, nicely decorated with animal cartoons and painted in light colours. It has two benches, two nursing rooms, and two changing tables. The place is quite spacious, making it easier for mum and baby to move around. It also has a hot water dispenser, sink, and electrical sockets.

Bugis Junction

Bugis Junction does not only offer lifestyle shopping but convenience for nursing mums as well. Its baby care room can be found on Level 1 and BHG Department Store. It is well-lit and minimally decorated, with amenities like breastfeeding and diaper-changing areas, water dispenser, and cubicles for some privacy. There’s also a playground beside the nursing room on Level 1 so you can leave your older kids there while feeding the younger one.

Causeway Point

Located in Woodlands Square, Causeway Point promotes a breastfeeding-friendly environment with its clean, well-equipped nursing room. To ensure privacy while pumping breastmilk, the nursing room has two lockable breastfeeding rooms. Aside from that, there’s a hot and cold water dispenser and diaper changing station for baby’s other needs. Causeway Point’s nursing room is located on Basement 1.

Central @ Clarke Quay

The nursing room in Central @ Clarke Quay may not be the most luxurious for mums, but the basic amenities are there: breastfeeding area, diaper changing space, and a sink. The nursing cubicle cannot be locked but you can lock the entire baby care room.

Changi City Point

Changi City Point has several nursing rooms, making it a truly family-friendly destination. Its nursing rooms can be found at Basement 1 and on Levels 1, 2, and 3, complete with a chair and even bag hooks and are separated by curtains. There are also diaper changing mats, sink, and a hot and cold water dispenser. For mums with little kids, a sofa is available inside the room so they can sit there while waiting for you.

City Square Mall

Brightly-lit and spacious, City Square Mall’s nursing rooms can fit in almost two strollers. These rooms can be found on Levels 2 and 4 of the mall and are furnished with lockable breastfeeding rooms, a sink, a diaper changing station, and water dispenser.

Compass One

Compass One’s nursing rooms provide mums well-lit and spacious areas to attend to baby’s needs. Located at Basement 1 and on Level 4, the rooms are equipped with three comfortable cushions for babies, water dispenser, soap, sink, and toilet paper. There are two rooms that can be locked while feeding your little one, each complete with a bench for other members of the family.

Far East Plaza

Known for being a fashion mall, Far East Plaza gives fashionista mums a private space for breastfeeding with its nursing rooms on Levels 2, 3, 4, and 5. The rooms are relatively small and can only accommodate at least one stroller. Amenities include the basic: diaper changing station, water dispenser, and a sink. Electrical outlets are not available.


Photo credit: Great World City

Great World City

Step into Great World City’s Baby Care rooms and be welcomed with cute baby photos and a homey ambience. Great World City offers mums the privacy they need with its breastfeeding rooms, spacious enough even for strollers. There are two nursing cubicles, which come with their own armchair and tables. There’s a fairytale-themed diaper changing station, making the experience a lot more enjoyable. A hot and cold water dispenser is available too. Great World City’s Baby Care rooms are located on Level 1 and Basement 1.

Harbourfront Centre

Harbourfront Centre’s nursing rooms are minimally-designed yet spacious enough to fit at least two strollers. It’s also brightly-lit and complete with equipment like hot water dispenser, a sink, and cushioned changing stations. There are two breastfeeding rooms mums can lock, both with a bench and electrical point.

IKEA Tampines and Alexandra

The two branches of IKEA come with nursing rooms. The nursing room at IKEA Tampines offers amenities like changing and breastfeeding area, water dispenser, bottle warmer, disposable diaper dispenser, high chair, and a sink; while the nursing room at Alexandra provides mums a place furnished with a sink, cushioned diaper changing station, and both a diaper and bed liner dispenser. Both branches have minimal decorations.

ION Orchard Mall

ION Orchard Mall is one of the biggest malls in Singapore and its massive space comes with baby amenities that will take the hassle out of every nursing mum. It has the usual baby essentials: diaper changing station, water dispenser, armchair, and diaper and baby bed liner dispenser. The nursing room is separate from the diaper room and has an armchair for mum’s comfort. There’s also a curtain for some privacy. The rooms can be found at Basements 3 and 4 and on Levels 3 and 4 of the mall.


Enter IMM’s nursing room on Levels 2 and 3 and you’ll be welcomed by brightly-painted walls with cartoon characters, flowers, and birds. The rooms are spacious and clean, with four breastfeeding rooms with a baby holder and four diaper changing stations. Because of its space, it can accommodate several mums at the same time. Other features include a sink, hot and cold water dispenser, and a bench. You will also feel safe as the nursing rooms are equipped with an intercom, which you have to press before you’re allowed entry.

Jurong Bird Park

Out in the park and worried about how to feed your newborn? Jurong Bird Park has services and facilities to make a stroll in the park worry-free, including a nursing room located in Birdz of Play. It has three breastfeeding rooms, three changing stations, and outdoor shower areas for the older kids. A hot and cold water dispenser is available, too.

Marina Square

Not only is Marina Square a family-friendly spot because of its dining offers, deals, and mall promotions—it also has amenities that can help families with kids. Its nursing rooms, located on Levels 1 and 2, are quite spacious, enough for mums who want to feed their babies privately. It has a cushioned diaper changing station, water dispenser, power outlet, and a sink.

Millenia Walk

Located at Millenia Walk’s Basement 1 is a well-lit, spacious, comfortable nursing room complete with sink, high chairs, sofas, and a coffee table. The room is larger than usual and can accommodate up to two strollers at once. There are two breastfeeding cubicles, separated only by curtains so privacy may be a challenge. 


NEX has several nursing rooms: at Basements 1 and 2 and Levels 1 to 4, which make it a lot easier to find when mums feel the need to fulfil some parenting duties. NEX nursing rooms are quite small and only have a sink, a diaper changing station, and a stool inside. Electrical points are not available.

Ngee Ann City

The nursing rooms in Ngee Ann City differ in sizes. The room at Basement 1 is smaller than the one found at Basement 2, which can accommodate up to two strollers and features a sink, power outlets, and a hot water dispenser. Due to size restrictions, the nursing area at Basement 1 is not separated from the changing station so head over to the room at Basement 2 for more space and privacy.

Orchard Central

Orchard Central’s nursing rooms can be found on Levels 3, 4, and 7 and may be a little bit less equipped compared to baby rooms of other malls. Nevertheless, it still covers the basics with its sink, a cushioned bench, and hot and cold water dispenser. The room can also be locked for mums who need to breastfeed.


Paragon’s nursing rooms on Levels 3 and 5 give mums the privacy they need when feeding their little tots. Each nursing room is private and lockable, with a chair and electrical point inside. Mums who need to change baby’s diaper can also use the room’s changing station, sink, and water dispenser.

Plaza Singapura

The nursing rooms at Plaza Singapura are all situated near the Ladies’ Rooms on Levels 2, 3, and 6. It’s a spacious place for mums to feed their babies, change their diapers, or attend to other needs. The rooms have two padded diaper changing stations, power outlets, nursing areas with locks, sink, hot and cold water dispenser, and even hand dryer.

Raffles City

One of the most well-equipped nursing rooms is the one you can find at Raffles City. With its wooden furniture and simple design, mums experience a homey feeling when nursing babies. Amenities inside the room include two breastfeeding cubicles, four padded changing stations, sink, water and diaper dispensers, soap, and a sofa. There are power outlets too. Check out their nursing rooms at Basement 1 and on Level 3.


Photo credit: Resorts World Sentosa

Resorts World Sentosa

Visiting Resorts World Sentosa and its many attractions should not be a problem just because you’re unsure of where you can nurse your little tot. Resorts World Sentosa has eight nursing rooms spread throughout the vicinity, whatever your itinerary is. These include nursing rooms in Universal Studios, S.E.A. Aquarium, Adventure Cove Waterpark, Festive Walk, and Porte Cochere.

Suntec City

Suntec City’s nursing rooms on Level 1 provides mums enough space to nurse babies while everyone else is waiting. They can fit several strollers too and feature equipment that mums will be thankful for: four changing stations, hot and cold water dispenser, sinks, and even a baby bottle steriliser. Doors can also be locked for privacy.

Tanglin Mall

With Tanglin Mall’s Baby Care Room, shopping has never been this hassle-free. You won’t have to worry about composing yourself again after feeding your little one and roaming around this four-storey establishment. Tanglin Mall’s Baby Care Room is located on Level 3 and also comes with a diaper changing station.


Photo credit: Tanglin Mall

The Centrepoint

Although a little small, The Centrepoint’s nursing room is a comfortable place to be for mums and their baby. It has all the necessary facilities for taking care of your child’s needs including a diaper changing mat, sink, breastfeeding area, soap and water dispenser, and a child-friendly toilet. These rooms can be found on Level 6 of the mall.

The Shoppes, Marina Bay Sands

The Shoppes at Marina Bay offers mums extra convenience and privacy when nursing babies with brightly-painted family rooms that are created for nursing and attending to babies. There are six rooms located around the mall, all with breastfeeding and diaper changing areas, hot water dispenser, wash basin disposable bags, baby seats, and even bag hangers. The soft-cushioned couches are also perfect for mums who are looking for a comfy place to stay in.

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