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It’s been almost nine months and while everyone else is excited to meet the baby, you may start to feel anxious about the childbirth process. To lessen your fear, start off by making sure everything you need on that day is just within reach.

Some soon-to-be-mums labour earlier than usual, so it’s a must to have your hospital bag ready anytime. Here’s a checklist of items you should not forget to pack.

What to pack for mum 

1. Birth plan. Do not forget this in case you have one.

2. Necessary documents. Place your hospital documents, ID, insurance papers, and medical cards inside an envelope. This should include documents of your medical history, if available.

3. Toiletries. Bring your own toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, soap, shampoo, tissue, wet wipes, and lotion just in case you’ll need them for a quick shower.

4. Clothes. These include your dressing gown, underwear, bathrobe, nightdress for labour, extra shirts, and clothes you can use after delivery. Just make sure to bring clothes with lightweight material so you’re more comfortable. Bathrobes and dressing gowns come in handy especially if you want to pace around the hospital. You can also consider having a birthing gown custom-made for you.

5. Socks and slippers. The hospital can feel cold when you’re in labour so it’s best to put on socks to keep your feet warm. Opt for slip-on slippers too so you can easily wear them.

6. Charger. Besides bringing your phone or any gadget, packing a charger is a must so you will have enough battery to keep you distracted or to contact friends and loved ones. A power bank can come in handy too.

7. Maternity pads. Although hospitals provide these, some mums choose to bring their own for added comfort and assurance. 

8. Entertainment. Whether it’s a good book or a tablet packed with movies, bringing your own entertainment will help you pass the time in the hospital.

What to pack for baby

1. Socks and blanket. To keep your newborn warm, pack a good pair of socks and his or her own blanket. Although some hospitals can provide these, it’s still best to have your own. Plus, you can use the blanket to wrap your baby around on the way home.

2. Baby clothes. Although some hospitals provide these, you may want to prepare some for your baby. It’s also good in case you want to take photos before leaving the hospital.

3. Diapers. With a newborn in tow, you will need to make sure you have diapers wherever you go.

4. Hygiene essentials. Your newborn is highly sensitive so bring baby wipes, cotton, and bath towels among others to protect him or her from germs.

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