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Becoming a parent will most likely limit your chances to travel. So if you’re feeling the itch to pack a bag and go on a vacation, don’t worry. Travelling while pregnant is generally safe provided you know all the precautions and your doctor has cleared you for it. You wouldn’t want to risk your safety, as well as your baby’s, by booking a flight and not knowing the things that pregnant women must consider when travelling.

Just make sure you have these things in mind before you embark and you’re good to go. 

See your doctor

The first thing you need to know is if it is safe enough for you to travel, depending on how far along you are and the condition of your pregnancy. Remember that each trimester brings something new to your body, so you have to be comfortable with your body before travelling. It is generally safer to travel during the second semester and more sensitive towards the third one. For women going through delicate pregnancy, getting cleared off for travel may be more challenging. Be transparent with your doctor on your activities and where you’d like to go. This will make it easier for your doctor to assess, make recommendations, and provide precautionary measures. 

Check your airline or travel provider

Once you’re medically cleared, ensure you know the regulations of the airlines or your travel provider if you won’t be travelling by plane. They must have services to assist pregnant women. Take note of it and make sure your partner and closest relatives know about it too.

Pack light

The last thing you want is more luggage to carry when you already have a baby bump. Pack as light as possible and bring only the essential items you need. This also allows you to relax more, worry less about lost luggage, and prevents you from stressing out about unpacking things you end up not using anyway.

Make a plan and take note of all necessary contact details

Whether you’re traveling solo or with your family, having a solid itinerary at this time is the most efficient use of your time and the safest for your condition too. Also jot down all emergency contact numbers, print out routes or maps you’d need, and take note of all your doctor’s reminders.

Have a pregnancy survival kit

A pregnancy survival kit contains all the necessary items you need while you’re expecting, including your prenatal vitamins and other doctor-prescribed medications.

Hydrate and eat healthy food

Wherever you plan to go, make sure to keep yourself hydrated. Prepare light and healthy food to bring with you on your journey so you avoid getting hungry. Pregnant women are more sensitive travellers so avoid getting dehydrated and do not forget your food to keep your energy up. Some food you can easily bring are biscuits, granola bars, and pre-cut vegetables. 

Get yourself insured

As with all travellers, getting a travel insurance will protect you and your family from any unforeseen events and emergencies. Pregnant women who travel with a medical insurance also have one less thing to worry about when they have to go to a hospital abroad because it covers foreign medical care.

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