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There’s never a dull lesson at Viv’s Schoolhouse! Catering to children between 18 months to 6 years of age, the international preschool integrates experiential learning to its unique holistic curriculum. Not only are children fully engaged, Viv’s Schoolhouse also sees that children reach their fullest potential.

Image: Viv’s Schoolhouse

The school utilises a three-pronged approach that focuses on Character Development, Family Values, as well as Academic Excellence. This allows Viv’s Schoolhouse’s dedicated family of educators to shape children into well-rounded, passionate individuals with strong moral characters. Beyond laying a solid foundation for formal school, Viv’s Schoolhouse’s rigorous curriculum nurtures grit and critical thinking in children, challenging them to think out of the box in the face of problems or obstacles.

The curriculum at Viv’s Schoolhouse is specially designed to encourage children’s creativity and stimulate all of their five senses. Lessons and activities are filled with novelty, challenges, creative thinking, as well as experiments. The warm environment and disposition of the teachers help to establish the safe space for children to ask questions, delve deeper into their learning areas, and most importantly, enjoy pursuing greater knowledge. Better yet, weekly Speech-and-Drama, Music-and Movement, Gym, and Cooking classes are all part of their all-rounded curriculum!

Image: Viv’s Schoolhouse

Furthermore, Viv’s Schoolhouse has a low teacher-to-child ratio across all age groups. In line with its belief that every child learns at his or her own pace, this allows educators to monitor each child’s progress on a daily basis. As such, every child’s strengths and areas for improvement are easily identified and worked on through weekly individualised lesson plans. These lessons are customised to help children better develop their interests and overcome any challenges in a proactive and fun manner.

Apart from the obvious benefits of being well-versed in both English and Mandarin, studies show that young bilinguals possess advanced skills in areas such as flexible thinking, working memory, and problem-solving. Through the school’s bilingual immersion programme, children gain equal exposure to both English as well as Mandarin. This allows even non-native speakers to grasp both languages with ease and confidence. 

Image: Viv’s Schoolhouse

Viv’s Schoolhouse offers plenty of exploratory space for young learners: a beautiful gardening space in their outdoor area where children harvest herbs to cook, cooking classes that integrate math, science, and other life skills, monthly field trips out of school, daily gym sessions where children can work on their flexibility, strength, and discipline… Learning sure isn’t limited to the classroom. 

Image: Viv's Schoolhouse

Image: Viv’s Schoolhouse

Even more impressively, Viv’s Schoolhouse has an actual swimming pool within their premises. Parents have the option to sign their kids up for weekly swim classes conducted by professional certified coaches. Talk about a well-rounded education!

Viv’s Schoolhouse
Address: 12 Queen St #04-01, Singapore 188553
Contact Number: 6909 1311
Email: [email protected]
Across all age group
Full Day: $1,600
Half Day: $1,300