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If the world is becoming more connected and more technologies are being mainstreamed to bridge communication gaps (translation apps, for instance)… is there still merit in learning a new language?

Why, yes of course! It’s always better to have language skills inherent in oneself rather than having to solely rely on available gadgets, no matter how convenient. 

In today’s increasingly diverse society, those who learn languages and are bilingual are a step ahead. Time and again, studies have shown that speaking a second language has positive effects on the brain: it improves certain skills such as problem solving, decision making, and performing tasks that require mental flexibility. 

Now you could be thinking that this is a bit much, on top of the other subjects your child will have to learn in his first formal years of education. Here’s the great news: there’s a natural approach to incorporate bilingualism in preschool!

Viv’s Schoolhouse, an international preschool for children aged 18 months to 6 years old, gives special importance to bilingual immersion.

Unleash your child’s full potential through bilingual immersion

A child’s brain is like a sponge, absorbing all information around him and making sense of it. Hence, early learning can set him up for life. 

Viv’s Schoolhouse knows this all too well. Its bilingual immersion programme provides benefits that go beyond knowing a second language. Wherever the student comes from, he’s sure to be well-versed in both English and Mandarin—two of the most powerful languages in the world—after completing a course at Viv’s Schoolhouse. 



Viv’s Schoolhouse implements this program by having two teachers per age group, one for each language. Children then gain equal exposure to both languages as they are used across all classes, so that even non-native speakers can learn with ease. 

In addition to the above mentioned benefits, bilingual immersion promotes better concentration, an important skill in today’s world where multiple media are competing for your attention. By being able to focus, your child will be more capable of seamlessly switching tasks. Bilingual immersion enables greater adaptability as your child is exposed to different cultures and ways of life. It also opens up a child to more opportunities about where to go to school or work in the future.

A holistic preschool education

Viv’s Schoolhouse also takes pride in the well-rounded education it provides its students. 

The school enhances children’s natural curiosity by making learning experiential or hands-on, ensuring students will have a firm grasp of the concepts they are taught. Learning is made more efficient for happy and engaged learners thanks to its low teacher-to-child ratio, where educators are able to monitor and adjust to each student’s progress.


Its award-winning, robust curriculum include academic lessons and a variety of classes including swimming, speech and drama, cooking, and even monthly field trips to enable learning beyond the four corners of the classroom. 

Parents have attested to the effectiveness of Viv’s Schoolhouse in providing not just quality education but also strong character development. 

“They have incredible teachers, good communication with parents, and provide a nurturing environment for the children… Viv’s Schoolhouse’s curriculum laid a good academic foundation for my son and he had no problem transiting to P1 this year,” said Claudin Ang. 

“Viv’s Schoolhouse is a wonderful place to send kids to. They have very good teachers and staff that really care for the kids, and are extremely patient and understanding with the kids, helping them learn at their own pace. They have monthly outdoor activities that are interesting, and help kids learn about the world we live in,” shared David Chan. 


Viv’s Schoolhouse
Address: 12 Queen St #04-01, Singapore 188553
Contact Number: 6909 1311
Email: [email protected]
Across all age group 
Full Day: S$1,600
Half Day: S$1,300