SC Speech & Drama Competition 2018

Speech and Drama is a highly effective way for young learners to develop self confidence, creative thinking, and improve their communication and interpersonal skills. If your little one has a flair for the dramatics and a huge appetite for imaginative play, channel their theatrical talents into the inaugural SC Speech & Drama Competition! Our first-ever Speech and Drama competition for pre-schoolers gives young creative minds a rich platform to bring stories to life and showcase their budding talents. 

To audition, gather your little thespians in groups of three to 10 members to narrate and act out a story – record and submit a video of their performance to us through the registration form below.  

The competition is open to all pre-schoolers. There are two categories for each age group. 

  • Category Kindergarten 1 (5 years old)
  • Category Kindergarten 2 (6 years old)

Five groups of each category will be shortlisted to perform during the finals of the SC Speech & Drama Competition. Teachers and parents are welcome to submit the registration form. Closing date is 1 August 2018. Contact us at [email protected] for any enquiries.  

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