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If you’re wondering whether a household filled with kids and toys can be anything other than a chaotic mess, the answer is yes. For parents struggling to maintain an organised and tidy home, our recommended list of daily habits will definitely make a positive change. It’ll take plenty of practice and effort as a family unit, but you’ll start noticing the difference right away. 

Create a place for everything 

Popular home organisation strategies such as the KonMari method recommends having a designated storage place for everything. Think having dedicated drawers for stationery, a spot for keys and mail, or even an area for random household appliances. This will encourage everyone in the family to put the items back once they’re done with it—and make it way easier to locate items amidst the daily chaos. 

Restrict daily clutter 

Especially handy for homes with young kiddos, place a basket in each room of the house. Whenever you see loose items such as kids’ toys and other play items (this can apply to your stuff, too), put it in the basket for sorting at the end of the day. Don’t forget to rope your little ones into cleanup time! Doing so will help them cultivate the good habit of cleaning up after themselves. 

Don’t wait to do things 

If it takes less than five minutes to complete a chore, such as putting your bags away after coming home or cleaning up spills on the countertop, then do it right away. It may seem impossible, what with the amount of things demanding your attention, but putting them off just builds up a mountain of tasks that’ll take even more time (and motivation) to clear. 

Do light cleaning in the morning 

You’re probably the first one up in the morning, so make use of the time before the rest of the household rises by doing some cleaning up. For example, instead of leaving your laundry for when you get home from work, try starting a wash cycle first thing in the morning, even before getting your coffee fix. While the kids get dressed, toss the washed load into the dryer, or quickly hang ‘em up to dry. You’ll only need to put the clean laundry away once you get home that evening.  

Do a final round before bedtime 

Before you hit the hay, take a final walk around your house to check for any loose clutter, or take care of any messes you may have missed. It’ll make it easier to stick to your daily habits when you wake up to a clean and organised home!

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