Singapore's Child Mother's Day Special

Does your mum cook the best food? Does she have a special trait? Share with us your story and win!

In honour of this upcoming Mother’s Day this May, share with us a favourite photo of you and your mum and tell us why she rocks in 100 words. The top 5 entries will walk away with prizes worth more than $200 each, it’s that simple! Last day of submission is 29 April 2016. What’s more, 5 lucky entries will also win a CP Hamper worth $50! 

Here are our winners!

  1. Chan Chuei Mei
    chan chuei mei
    “When I was young, my mum stopped working so that she can care for me and my mother. She ensured that we are send to school and fetch home on time, prepared home cooked food for us and give us an environment where we can grow, study and be successful adults. It was 20 odd years of sacrifice. After I got married and have children of my own, she continue to help me take care of my children. Thanks to her and her never ending support and help, I went on to have 4 children of my own. She has been selfless as a mother and now as a grandmother. She helps me with my household so that i can go to work with a peace of mind. She is the nanny, housekeeper, teacher, chef all roll in 1. I am forever indebted to her for her selflessness in the past and now!”
  2. Sai Yun Yun
    sai yun yun

    “Family is not always about blood. Sometimes it’s about who is there to hold your hand and support you unconditionally. My mother-in-law suffered in silence. She not only have to care for my father-in-law and lost him to sickness. She also helped to care for my son (her grandson), with severe eczema. Words can never describe the pain and the heartaches that she has to endure. She loves us so much. She rocks!”
  3. Tan Kian Kemg
    tan kian kemg
    “My wife rocks as a mother to our 3 lovely kids and she went through every pregnancy with difficulties – especially with our youngest pre-mature 27 weeks girl . She had to go through C-section to save our child and deliver fresh breast-milk to and fro hospital everyday as our child was in neonatal for more than 2 months. She takes good care of our 3 kids and the household I wish for her to have a wonderful Mother’s Day. On behalf of our 3 kids , I want to let her know we all love her.”
  4. Goh Hwee Cheng Kelly
    Goh Hwee Cheng Kelly

    “My mum is a amazing selfless individual who always done her best. As my dad is the only breadwinner in the family who doesn’t earn much, she will scrimped and saved every cents just to give us the best. Whenever we have a bad day, she is always there to give her the best advice. When I gave birth to two kids, she volunteered to help me look after them despite that she can retired and have a easy relaxed life with my dad. She cook the best food and making sure that my two kids are well-taken care of so that I can focus myself in work. She often will give us good advice on how to main a good and stable marriage. I learnt a lot from her on how to be a better person. As you get older, you realized what matters most, and most importantly, who matters most. My mum is my best friend, and that is why she ROCKS!”
  5. Koh Sze Yong
    Koh Sze Yong

    “[R] • Role Model: providing me a prime example of what kind of parenthood I should be one day. [O] • Obviously my Guardian Angel: I am one of the fortunate and blessed ones to experience life with how my mother was created and designed to be. [C] • Care and Concern: You always taking good care of our 3 meals daily. You will make sure we have balance nutrition and warmed home cooked food when we reached home. [K] • Kissing and hugging will never fail from you. [S] • Shining love: you are always there, whom shine brightest when my days turns dark.”

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