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Feeling like the closest thing you might have to a fun night out after giving birth is scrolling through Facebook in your pyjamas? Giving birth is definitely a life-changing experience, so here are a few things to expect if you didn’t already know. Remember not to worry too much because at the end of the day, the joy your little ones make you feel is inexplicably rewarding.

You will never have enough time to yourself
On top of taking care of the baby and preparation for each stage she grows into, you will find that even some alone time in the bathroom is a luxury. You can take a night off and leave her with a caretaker/family member but you will soon realise that even a few hours apart makes you miss her. Of course, finding the time for extensive skincare and makeup routines or girls’ nights out will seem impossible, but the reward of motherhood is priceless!

You will never look at life the same way again
Now that you have brought your precious little child into the world we live in, you will do anything to protect your baby. Most of the times you would not bear to spend time apart because you want to make sure they are safe and be there at every important step of their lives growing up. Also, you will start taking extra precaution of your own life because you want to make sure you can take care of your child and watch them grow up.

You will rediscover the meaning of love
Even though it’s been said again and again, you never really know what love a parent feels when they have their own child. Holding this tiny little life you brought into the world, you will realize that you have never loved anything or anyone the way you love your newborn. Feeling overwhelmed with emotions after birth is common, tears may well up in your eyes but it all comes from a place of love and happiness.

Your body will never be the same again
After giving birth, whether naturally or through a C-section, your body goes through so many changes that no amount of post-baby HIIT workouts can bring it back to its original state. The way your organs function are a little different, and cellulite and stretch marks are usually part of the package. You can definitely work your way back to your pre-baby weight or maybe even work towards a more athletic body but it will just not be exactly the same as it used to. It is a part of life and a result of the new life you created, so remember to love your new body!

You might not know what you’re doing, but it’s okay
Every birth experience and baby is different, so there are so many things to learn along the way. There are just some things that your mother, mother-in-law, aunts and fellow mom friends will miss out on advising you on, because they simply don’t remember or didn’t experience it. You might come across many situations where you’ll just have to try whatever you can think of and it will probably work out, or you can try again. We’re all trying our best, so don’t stress!

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